Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Another find in the garden.

During the Spring we found this while weeding the garden.

We left it outside on a shelf by our back door until yesterday. I brought it in and cleaned it up.
We think it's a dagger hilt. Made of lead, as it's rather heavy, it's had some kind of coating at one time. It seems to be quite ornate and also has green "glass" embedded in the middle of it.


Probably glass...............

Any information, gratefully received.

In the mean time it sits in the fireplace along with the cannon ball.


Anonymous said...

What a place you live in! My grandparents left England before my father was born, and arrived in America via Canada. They brought Spiritualism with them. My Grandmother was a Medium and might have had some input for you.

I'm not a follower of the Faith, but I'd be glad to have a dog if I lived in Soggibottom....something to blame 'bumps in the night' on.

Bees (short for Beesley)

Anonymous said...

Hi Squirrel Chat we always love to hear from you.
Ah ha you have made us smile. I have never said we have bumps in the night.
We might!!!!!!!!
All good one's... There is a strange feeling in Soggibottom Cottage and one particular place if you really feel stressed that you need to sit.
Chill out zone.
We have strange ,unexplained,un-locial things that sometimes happen, but that IS part of the fun. I would love to think we have been here before. As we come through the door, it's always like coming home ..xx Take care ......

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's late.. Meant LOGICAL... blame pink and fluffy

Anonymous said...

Michele, you have a good attitude. We were taught, as youngsters in Gramma's Faith, to not fear spirits because they cannot hurt us. There might be ectoplasm, sensations and manifestations, but no danger. There might be good natured mischief, but no danger. Spirits would most likely be helpful or looking for comfort.

Still, in a dark place, with your senses reduced to hearing and feeling, your primitive instincts counter your intellect...your neck hairs rise as you speak reason to your superstitious brain-parts.

Should you say "Hello, and welcome", or should you be quiet, and hope the Presence passes?

Or not. Pleasant dreams.

Heh, heh, heh.