Sunday, 14 September 2008

Unexpected great Weekend

We have had a really great weekend. (don't know what your's was like).

Phillip and Kirstin arrived this afternoon. I haven't seen Kirstin for years. Wow. What a beautiful surprise. Thank you. You have to come and visit Soggibottom again because of all the plants you need to take home with you next time.


And Miss Cheese.

Micheal and Marie's Granddaughter, (Dara Lee).
2 and a half years old, very tall and going on 6 years old. Beautiful little girl. Thank you we enjoyed your company. The garden and the caterpillars eagerly await your return. Oh almost forgot the frog.... xxxxxx

And phone call from our friend Janice (is it Christmas already) xxxxxxx

Great to know that you have real friends.

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