Friday, 26 September 2008

Fluffs has been on Google

It's an Elephant Hawk Moth.

In case your wondering.
I was put it back where I found it, under the bamboo in the garden, quite happy to eat away at fallen rose petals from the overhead rose.
Not sure if Frank was that happy as it happens to be his favorite hiding place.


Anonymous said...

I also Googled your caterpillar. There are green versions that look an awful lot like the fat tomato worms I find in the garden...very unwelcome and destructive visitors. I mentioned them to an older farm lady, and how they are tight and firm to the touch, but disappear into a small smear and lots of liquid when squished (sorry, I must destroy them). The lady told me, "That's why you make soup with them."

Farm humor.

Soggibottom said...

Hi Don
Good to hear from you across the pond.
Hey.. that lady must have strange eating habits, don't you think?
Never cooked caterpillar, but ... because of the wet year we seem to be over run with the little darlings.
So much that they have got the better of me. If they want to eat my hard work that much, feel free.. WINTER IS ON THE WAY!