Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mid Summer June 21. 2013

Summer Solstice, which photo to use.  This one on the approach to Stonehenge yesterday. Heading back towards the South West of the country.

Or this one. I've taken better.

Or this one, taken a few miles further along the road yesterday. 

At the height of Summer it doesn't seem right to show Stonehenge behind bars and high fences.

Or to show the amount of work and man hours putting up traffic signs.
All because of the amount of people that faithfully go to see the sun rise at Midsummer who need directions.
Really! they need directions?

What about the roads that are closed just because of 21st June... er, excuse us, but we always park down this road..  Not yesterday.

Should it be mentioned the amount of rubbish that is left every year by the hardened sun rise worshippers.
People who can quite happily save the world one moment, love and peace be to all, yet throw their empty water bottles on the ground.. no, I shouldn't mention that.

Best time to go to Stonehenge around Midsummer Solstice is a day before or a day or two after.

 OR you could go and nip over to the catflap cavalier instead.

Happy Summer Solstice :-)


WoolenSails said...

That is a shame to see the fences and mess of construction in such a beautiful place.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh how I wish people would be more respectful of their surrounds so all the beauty can be enjoyed and shared by all.

Your photos are absolutely fantastic. I would not be able to choose between them.
One thing I know for sure- we wish you a Happy Summer Solstice!

Jo's World said...

Your photos ARE very lovely and I agree with almost all you are saying. I live in a small town that is a tourist destination, and we always find bottles and wrappers laying about. Boo on that!

But I would like to stop by and visit Stonehenge! What a thrill that would be.


Jo, Stella, Zkhat and Willa Mary!

Unknown said...

Happy Summer Solstice. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Old Kitty said...

I can't bear litter!! :-(

But glad you all got to enjoy the summer solstice at The Place To Be for this special time!!! Oh I am so happy it's summer!!

Take care

Heckety said...

Lovely skies- that's something I particularly remember about Salisbury plains, just how wide the sky was. In Ireland its so hilly that even when you are high up on a mountain you are too busy trying to not be blown off that you don't have time to admire the sky. and in the valleys sure you can't see it!! Happy Bealtaine!