Friday, 15 March 2013

Spam on Blogger

I keep messing around with the comment posts at the moment because Soggibottom gets so much spam.
Blogger keeps messing around changing things too, there must be a better way of filtering spam out.

This is a view from a place in South Devon called Sandy Bay, looking West towards Exmouth.

Only two days ago the cliffs were hanging in ice. IT WAS SO COLD walking along here.

 Even the mutt had her woolly jumper on.

That was the day that we got our clock back. It sat in the back of the car while we were on the beach.
It had been in the repair shop before Christmas.
Last year the clock stopped. It stopped dare I say, on October the 4th.

To understand why you have to go back to older posts. but hey it is going again...... It's a 1927 Gong clock, made in Germany. Arts and Crafts... When my mother gave me it, I didn't want it. NO ROOM.. for it. But it looked really sad and it worked, my Nana had it in her hall way, I remember this clock from my childhood.
It has been in Soggibottom for a few years now, I never realised, I missed it... It goes again, new bushes what ever they are... the gong is quieter, that is fine. it's back.
Wish we could report the same about the demolition crew this week, that they are back, it's now week three .... It was going to be three weeks .....the cottage next door still stands......
It's an invitation to all sorts dare I say who could benefit by metal. OR WHAT EVER they might find to make money from. The cottage next door isn't our responsibility... but because it is so close to Soggibottom........... it's a worry and has been for years.
Strange cars, thankfully we saw a strange car, this afternoon. Oh !
Half an hour of being back to Soggibottom cottage and in broad daylight.....
Over the last few weeks I am sure that we are thought to be too security conscious, not the case at all.

We try to protect Soggibottom... especially this beautiful Medieval bridge.....
History needs protecting. It's not our job to do it, but we do it never the less............

Freya can be found as always over at the catflapcavalier...............  The mutt is, as always a beautiful charming dog... pure Cavalier........It would be great to say that about some of the people that inadvertently come over our bridge. Updates as soon as we know anything :-) xxx


Lisa said...

Sorry about the cottage! Hope it goes soon! The ice pictures are cool :)
Stay warm and have a great weekend!
Hugs, Lisa

WoolenSails said...

It will be nice when it is all over and you can enjoy your summer. Beautiful photos of your walk today.


Sue Doran said...

Hope all the strangers and builders are gone SOON! For comments, I have my Blogger settings set so that I have to approve new comments and that works great for me at filtering out spam because I just don't approve those and they try less when they realise moderation is in place so I don't get much now. (Occasionally one valid one may wait a couple of days if I forget to check though!)

Unknown said...

Great your clock is back. Gosh it has been cold but we have warmer weather now. Enjoy it. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

~ Kirra ~ said...

Security is important and the need to ensure doors are always locked (even when at home), it is a sad reflection of some within society who feel that whatever is around - becomes their property.

Take care and enjoy the beach

Old Kitty said...

Look at those icicles! Aww Freya's looking ever so chic in her jumper!

Glad the clock is back and looking good!

Take care

Lynda (Granny K) said...

hope your peace is restored soon..

Keep on being vigilant. There are some 'light fingered folk' for sure. Our son had all his tools stolen just before Christmas.

take care, xxxx

Molly the Airedale said...

Your clock is just beautiful! And so are the icicles hanging off the cliff!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

LifeRamblings said...

beautiful views. Sorry to hear about your problems with spam. I hope your spam issues will be resolved soon.

How Sam Sees It said...

We've been getting hit pretty hard by spam - Mom finally changed her comments but knows a few folks who commented anonymously and is worried about keeping in touch with them.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I don't know how we miss posts- but we missed this one. So here we are looking.
We hate the spam too. Go away spam!
The clock is so beautiful and were so glad its working again!
Those ice chunks- look dangerous!
But your beach looks beautiful!