Thursday, 22 March 2012

Looking for Antiques near The Mayflower Steps in Plymouth and Devonshire Cream Tea's

We've been antique hunting this week.

Oh, look at all the hat pins. My Nana used to use some like this.

These bears are a for sale, but they aren't old enough for me to take much interest in.. Sorry bears.........

We were looking around certain antique shops

near The Mayflower Steps in Plymouth.

Freya Rose Blossom's eye view.

It's tiring walking around when you only have little legs.

No matter what you might see.

There are some things that really shouldn't be there. IS IT US ?

After all that, what did we buy Miss dirty face ?

A post card.
This is a very special postcard because it tells you all about Devon Clotted Cream.

Call me lazy ! 


Prim n Raggedy said...

Lovely photos as always Midge, and those hat pins are to die for!
Hugs, Carole x

Susan said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day and a yummy tea! So jealous, no place like that here in Sunny Southern California.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Yummy....I do love a nice Cream Tea:)

Old Kitty said...

Oh yes, a deer's head is much better when it comes with the rest of the body and is happily grazing away..!

Awww lovely Freya! You have little legs like me but you've done far better that I ever would have - going antiquing and seeing all these boats and hat pins! Yay!

Now that's a great postcard but not as great as actual cream tea! Yay! take care

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful place to visit and it seems that Freya wasn't sure if she liked it or not, lol.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Antique shopping sounds like fun- except for that wild animal that Freya was looking at.
I bet you had some nice tee and goodies to eat.

Allie said...

I have always wanted to try Devon Clotted Cream! Looks like a very fun day out with Miss Dirty Face, lol. Love the hat pins!

Jo's World said...

How old do the teddy bears have to be to gain your interest?

It looked like a most wonderful day to be out looking for things you love!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Christine said...

Treasure hunting is fun! Especially if there is sustenance in the form of Devonshire tea and scones with clotted cream!

Joanna said...

That looks like a delicious tea!

Dolores said...

A great day out. I do hope you all had some Devonshire Cream with your tea - well, maybe not for little Freya.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Loved our little stroll! I've never tasted the "real" clotted cream but I'm sure it's a wonderful weekend!~Amy

Faye Henry said...

It sounds like a lovely day, dear Midge.. Freya is so sweet.. I love antique hunting.. smile..

Sue said...

I often wonder what tiny little dogs think of the world from their view. Imagine how frightening it must be in a crowd of human legs.

Are you working on any bears these days?

Remington said...

Great pics!