Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How to stop your dog from being car sick

Some dogs never have a problem riding in a car.
Amie Soto Blossom used to be well travelled, sitting in her place on the back seat of our car.
Amie would have said,

"Dogs that ride behind dog guards are taken places, a dog that sits on the back seat is chauffeured" Amie was defiantly chauffeured. Her every whim was catered for, especially as she got older

Freya also sits on the back seat of the car, in her own car bed, with her harness attached to another clip that goes into the rear seat belt. This still gives her the ability to move around and yet if we stop suddenly she is safe from falling off of the seat. Great, what on earth can be wrong with that ?.

Freya...... sufferers from the dribbles. Some days we only drive a few minutes down the road, other days half an hour goes by and the dribbles start.
A chance meeting today with a lady whose dog also used to be car sensitive gave us a remedy for car sickness.

Ordinary brown paper.

Brown paper placed under Freya's blanket.

Our trusty model Freya demonstrates, sitting in her bed, the brown paper under her blanket and being clipped into the back seat belt of the car. The older Freya is becoming, the more we notice she really should be chauffeured, not just taken places.

We weren't going far, only to the local pet store to see the pet rabbits.

This is one of Freya's favourite places because she gets so much fuss.

The rabbits are good, but the icing on the cake is the cookie she always has from the checkout lady.

Did the brown paper help the dribbles ?
SO FAR SO GOOD.... will keep you updated.
In the meantime, if you have any other known remedies, don't keep them all to yourself.
Before you mention it, I've never heard of brown paper before either, I'm open minded will try anything once.


WoolenSails said...

She sure does get around and in style, lol.
We had a dog with that problem, sometimes he made it with just the foaming mouth and sometimes a mess.


Old Kitty said...

Awww sweet adorable Freya!! All I can say is YAY for brown paper! It allows you to travel to your favourite pet store and back again! Brilliant!

Take care

Dolores said...

What a gorgeous little lady she is turning out to be. One of our pomeranians was car sick but Baxter is fine. What the heck is the brown paper supposed to do?

Mary Ann Tate said...

I have never heard of the brown paper treatment but then none of the dogs in my family get car sick. Poor Freya:(

Faye Henry said...

That is a bit of good info, Midge..
Our dear Sammi thinks he should have the steering wheel.. grin..
God bless..

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Poor little Freya getting car sick is no fun. We hope the brown paper works. We do not know any remedies at all.
But Freya sure is a beautiful girl!
I bet she had fun looking at the bunnies!

Joanna said...

You're right in being open minded; you never know what will work for you. I wonder what the magic is with brown paper?

Caroline B said...

Let me know if this is a long-term cure - poor Clovis loses about half his body weight in drool on a long car journey!

~ Kirra ~ said...

I must admit my Kirra is not a car lover (it could have been my driving) she is okay on the Ferry and on trains.

She often lies in her huge travel carrier and next time I shall put some brown paper down under her blanket to see if this has any effect.

Thanks for the tip.

MyCretanlife said...

This one I have to try cos Lucky and Rosie are both travel sick. Lucky is quite a dab hand at using a sick bag. Poor darling. Hope it works for Freya too.

Sue said...

I have a friend who has this problem. I'll send her to your blog to try the paper.

We had one dog who always got sick in the car. My English friend who lived next door t me gave us a packet of Sea Legs. They worked great for our pup. We can't get them here so her Mum sends them to us when we run low.

Jackie said...

I thought that idea worked with children becasue if you convinced them it worked, it did. Can you do that with dogs?

Remington said...

That is great that it worked! Travel time will be fun now....

Sue Doran said...

Gosh, amazing! I was always told to get dogs used to travelling in the car regularly from a young age and they'd be fine. Freya's always out and about though as her blog proves. So I suppose we've just been lucky with the two we've had. Hope the brown paper continues to do the trick!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Becky gets very car sick! We cover the side window as watching the motion outside is what sets her off. Long car trips we give her about 4 drops rescue remedy and she is great. Kodee on the other hand loves the car and has no issues. I think its an individual thing.