Sunday, 5 February 2012

High Tide and The Girl Rona.

Our normal Sunday morning routine walking along Teignmouth sea front.

Our favourite fishing boat The Girl Rona from Teignmouth was still on her side.

The weather was calm this morning, they were waiting for high tide to upright her.

Anxious onlookers from the shore line looked on.

By now The girl Rona is upright and if not quite back home she soon will be.

A photo of Jake when he was here last Summer, Jake was very taken with the Teignmouth Life Boat. Well done last week with the rescue of The Girl Rona's crew guys. The life boat was slightly damaged, but I would imagine as soon as the life boat was ready, she was rearing to go out again if needed.

This is the working deck of another small coastal fishing boat, this is one that has Looe in Cornwall as it's home port. I wouldn't want to work in all weather's on the sea in such a space.

Anyone who works on water has our utmost admiration .

Freya, apart from watching the fishing boat rescue had a great 2 hour walk this morning.
The only trace that the boat was off shore was one dead fish, not sure how the seagulls missed that, but I know someone who found it.

She had a great time meeting new faces.

A 16 week old German Shepherd. He still has to learn how to behave.

Nose to nose with other beach loving dogs.

Home and watching Penguins on T.V. on a Sunday afternoon, not a bad life.

Your definitely not The Girl Rona's new mascot Frank.

We think someone else might fit the bill.  

Good luck with your boat guys............. X X X


Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Freya! Awwww you did very well with the German Shepherd puppy! Phew! :-) Awww but you met some lovely woofies too! Methinks Frank has the right idea for such a wild and blowy day!

Glad the crew of Rona are safe - hopefully Rona will be back up and home soon! Take care

Sue said...

Oh I know a few who would volunteer to work those boats. Samba comes from a line of dogs that actually worked the fishing boats in Portugal. That explains her love of the water.

WoolenSails said...

What an interesting photo shoot of the ship and life around the area. Freya sure made a lot of new friends today.


Dolores said...

Freya is turning out to be such a stealer of hearts. Beautiful. What a great day out.

Faye Henry said...

That was very interesting, Midge..
Freya is a sweet dog.. A very nice personality, I think.

Lisa said...

Lovely day!! I am glad there were tons of friends out!
Hugs, Lisa

Joanna said...

Those puppy German Shepherds are something to watch. It seems that shore is a dogs world.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You are getting more and more beautiful. You have the most gorgeous eyes ever!
Your beach trip looked like fun and meeting all those doggys too!
I bet watching the penguins on tv was a little more warm- than walking on the wet sand though.
Beautiful photos and what a fun time!

Allie said...

I'm glad to know that boat will be ok....and that her crew was safe. Trust Freya to find the only dead fish!!! That pic of Frank just cracks me up, he looks like he's been into the nip.