Thursday, 2 February 2012

Girl Rona in Teignmouth and Dartmoor -3 deg c.

This is the over turned fishing boat Girl Rona, She was going into Teignmouth Harbour at the beginning of the week, when a freak wave hit and over turned the boat onto a sandbank. 

Luckily all her crew of five were rescued by the Teignmouth Life Boat. Our present Government are cutting back on Coast guard stations. Shortsighted people !

The seagulls are still feasting on Girl Rona's fish catch.

She also has diesel on board that might be leaking, so we took Freya  further down the coast for her beach walk.
Thursday, and the fishing boat is still there, although recovery should be soon. We see this little fishing boat so often coming in and out of the Teign estuary, it's such a shame to see her so helpless.The main thing, the crew are all safe.

The sea gulls are probably still feeding, the boat had a full catch.

Freya had her beach walk

and daily dig.

It was so cold on the beach we decided to take Freya through the nature reserve on the other side of the beach wall. At least it was out of the wind.

All the years we have been walking there, we have never seen a pony, Although there are signs everywhere, about keeping your dog on a lead because of the ponies. We joke about the pony myth of Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve.

 It's true, a pony or two keeping down the grass. Maybe they are only there in the Winter.

Freya loved them.......... dogs and ponies don't go together in nature, so we thought it would be a good idea for Freya to get used to ponies properly. 

Minus 3 deg c. this morning on Dartmoor at 11.a.m., tonight it is going to be minus 10 deg c. Not so bad really when other parts of Europe have lower temperatures tonight. We are balmy and warm by comparison.

Dartmoor has such stunning beauty, we found a haven down by the old quarry at Haytor. Wind free, but still -3 deg c.

 Frozen water.

Even on the side of the quarry.

 Part one of Dartmoor views......

It might be cold up there tonight, but it's warm inside Soggibottom Cottage. The best place to view Dartmoor when it's cold is from this very spot, by the warmth of a fire looking at photo's. besides, it has taken us all evening to warm up. Tomorrow is going to be a quiet  WARM day.

We still have Widecome in the moor photo's yet............
Freya can be found over at Catflap Cavalier, pony whispering ?
Freya can dream on...........
Although we have some amazing views of Dartmoor

They will keep.........


Christine said...

BRRRR! But at least it's not Eastern Europe and the scenery at the quarry is amazing!
Freya's little coat is fab!
Best wishes

WoolenSails said...

Gorgeous views and such a beautiful place to walk, even if it is freezing, lol. Do you know that photo of the rocks, after the icicles, looks like a huge turtle munching on some grass.


Joanna said...

Beautiful pictures. What a lovely place to walk and look at beauty.

Susan said...

Just beautiful! Freya is such a lucky pup to get to go for walkies in such a beautiful place! Sorry that the little boat is keeping her from her beach visits and hunts for smellies!

Hugs to you all!

Old Kitty said...

Glad Freya is all wrapped up warm! It's COLD!! And the frozen water pics just show how COLD it is! Did I say it's COLD?? LOL!

Oh now I'm so glad the crew of that poor boat are ok. Dear oh dear! I hope the diesel doesn't leak out though - not good for the waters or those living in it.

Yay for the cosiness in the cottage! Take care

Allie said...

I'm so glad the crew made it off safely, I hate to see a boat like that. Your pics are amazing - such a beautiful area you live in! Stay warm hon!

WendyCarole said...

Glad the crew were safe. Great photos of the icicles

Margaret said...

Yeah well, it will get warmer -- Promise __I can feel the sun on my back right now. Loved this post I read with a smile on my face all the way. My eyes feasted on the grand landscapes around Dartmoor. The photos of the gulls were something else.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You have captured some gorgeous photos! All those sea gull feeding was amazing! And all the scenery- wow the colors of the water and the sky- and of course Freya.
We are glad everyone was rescued from that ship too- it must have been so scary.
Cutting back on rescue operations like that is just crazy!
Beautiful photos- your new camera is amazing.

tubby3pug said...

Thats sad about the ship. The walk looks lovely though

Rona said...

Fingers crossed for recovery today of the Girl Rona. She is part of the team and the five crew that were rescued are waiting for the last member of their team to come home. She is maintained to the highest spec by her owner and will soon be back fishing our shores. Freya will then have a much nicer view on her walks.

Soggibottom said...

Hi Rona :-) We watched the divers this morning along with the dredger and all the other help trying to recover her. Fingers crossed, when she is back bobbing along we will wave from the shore.... Good luck for today, it wasn't quite high tide when we left X X X

Sue said...

LOve that photo of the gulls in the air. It's a shame about the boat. Will it still be usable once it's righted?

Heckety said...

Your photos are amazing! Some day I'll get to visit...and since I'm reading you i reverse order, I'm so glad they re-floated Girl Rona.

I do think that only Coast people can appreciate how important the Lifeboat and her crew are, and know exactly how disaster can strike at the least expected times. Would they cut down on ambulances and fire engines? Nope, but they're the landlubbers' equivalent to the Lifeboats.