Friday, 29 July 2011

The ones we love never go away, they walk right beside us.

The ones we love never go away, they walk right beside us.
Jake and I found these words written on a seat a few days ago when we went on a fossil expedition to Charmouth Beach.

You don't have to look far, fossils are all around you, you only have to know what your looking for... I promise to show you in another post.

 Jake has had a busy week.

 His legs were a bit wobbly when he came off of this ride but, he recovered.

 I was tempted here I have to admit.
It's Carnival week and the fair is in town.

 Wild Mouse anyone ?

 We haven't only visited fossil beach and fairs this week, we have found new friends.

Meet Freya, Jo, you know Jake. 

 I have a feeling we all really wanted to take Jo home. We can understand exactly why there was a collie dog's photo on the farm gate.

 Jo shares her home with a few other paws. Mum, Dad...........

Two brother's.

of Freya Rose Blossom 

Pedigree name........... Valley Taws Princess Freya

 I know Freya Rose Blossom's namesake Freya will be a soggibottom follower from afar.

 We promise, she is in good hands.

She follows in an other's paw prints, she isn't Amie Soto Blossom, but I have a feeling she will always be chauffeured not driven, just like Ames.

 I forgot to add, no one told Frank !


Old Kitty said...

Oh Freya is just adorable!! She's adorable!! Awwwww!! So is Jake and all his friends! LOL! Oh but Freya - she's gorgeous!! :-)

Hi Frank! :-) take care

Dolores said...

OMG, I'm in love. How wonderful. Good to see Jake a good time at the fair.

Christine said...

Jake came to Soggibottom at just the right time by the looks of things!
Freya is soooo precious!
Best wishes

Caroline B said...

Ahhh, what a little cutie! I bet she'll run rings round poor old Frank! Jake's going to have some tales to tell when he finally goes home...

WoolenSails said...

Looks like you have been enjoying being young again, while Jake is visiting. Freya is adorable, am I to understand she is going to be a new member of your family?


Lisa said...

Poor Frankie!!! That guy never gets a break ;) hug him for me!!! Love the little girl!! How is that going ? Puppies are something? :)
Hugs to all, Lisa

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

I had to come right over here after seeing the fb photo! Is it true? Is she yours? Just adorable! Frank looks smitten I say.

Mary Ann Tate said...

What a cute little dog...she's lovely:) Poor Frank will need more than the usual amount of TLC for a bit.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh my goodness, what have you done? Isn't she just the cutest little princess!!! Can't wait to see more of this sweet girl.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Sorry couldn't get my thoughts straight!! (possibly a senior moment) The dogs are all beautiful! What a wonderful young man Jake is. I really would love to walk through your garden with my camera; I'd be in heaven! Oh if I could only sprout wings and fly across the big pond to visit your lovely cottage. Have a great weekend. Hugs!!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That little baby puppy is too adorable..
I am confused,,,,,, where does that puppy live? Does she have a home? She looks like she is seaching into your eyes?

Oh yes FOSSILS,,, we love , love ,love fossils!
Jake is toooo cute,, and I think you all had much fun

MyCretanlife said...

A new doggie ehh! That will keep you on your toes. But hey ain't she cute.
give Frankie an extra cuddle from me too. poor guy, looks like he needs it.

Ayla said...

OHHHH does this mean I get to meet Freya soon??? :-)))

Looks like Jake is really keeping you guys busy! Lovely photos as always.
Hope you and the gang are doing well!

WendyCarole said...

she is so cute xx

Sue said...

She's adorable. You'll have so much fun and you have Jake to help.

Our fair started yesterday, but it's much too hot to go. It's 100 here every day and only cools to about 90 at night.

The bench was right, Ames is walking beside you and watching over Freya.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Marvellous news about Freya. Isn't she just adorable?!

Jakes looks to have had a ball!

Love, Lynda x x x

Joanna said...

That beautiful little face. She's a doll! And I like Joey, Mum and Dad, the siblings, etc. I can't wait to hear more about Freya.
Jake looks like a happy lad. Maybe spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa! And loving it.

Niky Sayers said...

What a cutie, looks like she will keep Frank on his toes! Congrats xxxx

Allie said...

Oh Midge what thrilling news!!! I am so pleased! Welcome Freya to the best home a puppy could have...

Jake, tell them to stop feeding you so well, you're growing up much too fast! Such a handsome lad!

Heckety said...

Freya doesn't look like a fossil to me...but it just goes to show that if you go searching you will find something...!!!

Houseelf said...

LOL go fossiling and come back with a dog. :-) Sure you're not related to my dad?

What a little sweetie Freya is! How is she settling? I'm doing my 1st homecheck this evening -taking Bungle as they want a big dog they think.

Myra said...

Looks like Jake is having a great time with you, and to spend time with little Freya too... She is adorable!! 8-)

Ray Mitchell said...

Can't wait to see you all and the new addition to the "Vaile Clan" Roll on 19th August.

Ray, Jane and George Mitchell

Raggy Rat said...

shed another tear for lost friends, loved that post xxxx