Sunday, 24 April 2011

Have a great Easter

Not been near a computer  for days.... Word's, like.... "don't compute"...have to watch Star Trek Movies....
The weather has been so unlike any April I can remember.
Middle of June, or July maybe, but not April... April and the Bambi Film and the song.

Little April showers.

I heard today.... that it has been the warmest Easter in England since the sixteen hundreds.
Why that makes me smile I'm not sure, although it makes me wonder who built this cottage. Was it such a day like today. 

I would have made them lots of something good to drink, and made sure they were fed. I'm sure that our predecessors did just that. We have spent days sitting around and messing around in our garden. Far too good to be inside.

We do however have an Easter cake... Not that often that they are in my kitchen anymore. Don't make cakes because we don't eat them. Our kids used to eat them. But they aren't around anymore. So we please ourselves and MUM SAY's she can wear purple now. Also say what she really thinks. Good to be true to yourself.
But it's Easter and no chocolate bunnies or Easter eggs here. Might fib slightly, as the packet that held the chocolate eggs was a large one and I didn't use many mini chocolate eggs  for the cake.

There are still on going things around here... I huff and puff about this,,,, all hand made is a good thing to be able to add to the finished article. Not a sewing machine in sight. Not finished yet...............

There has to be an escape from the quilt in progress. It drives me nuts. Also makes me think of so many of my quilting buddies that I smile. They are so dedicated to their art.
Like my bears, quilts, especially hand made one's are very special to me.

I really love recycling things. Not sure if you will remember the rag dolly's.
Old JEANS... might have to click a way back on this blog to find the pattern.  OR GOOGLE IT .... 
Yep, that's mine ! 

Out in the garden on such a beautifully hot day, sitting under the palm and plum and apple tree another creation. This time recycling denim. I hate to see old jeans go to waste.I know you have noticed. Something is out :of line. Well, so what... this isn't supposed to be perfection.

A project that has I have had in mind for ages. Also been saving old jeans from "you know "who".

He, he, he..... caught him....

Here it is........... even has pockets for what ever.... maybe Amie's cookies.

Do you think I should wake her ?
Wise cats and dogs stay inside in the cool on a hot day. Not saying that they should bunch together,  my lot do.

They venture out to have their tea. Fishies...
In Amie Soto Blossom words, AL FESK E. :-) I didn't spell that wrongly .............. You might need to look at her facebook page. She really lets her "h's" go.

Enjoy your Easter. No bunnies, no leaping lambs. BUT.. extremely good company. of the four legged kind.
Have a very good Easter Holiday.

They gave me a bath and then I  rolled in the dirt...

lets be honest, Ames is very self opinionated, she is a Royal DOG AFTER ALL :-) yeah right !

Be like Mew, chill through the holidays.. we will :-)xxx


Victoria said...

So the chocolate eggs that didn't go on top of the cake ended up in your tummy:) I love that mug!!! And you're so clever to recycle old jeans that way!

Have a wonderful Easter my friend! From your dumpster diving buddy across the pond:)

Lisa said...

How great!! I love all the goodies!
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

What a great project for those jeans! We have had a very untypical April here - cool, damp, and very stormy. Yes, we should get April showers, but after days on end of rain, we have had enough.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like you are having beautiful weather, we got rain, but for Easter the sun will be back. Love that jean ottoman, neat idea for a guy and the tv remote, lol.


Sue said...

Tsar, like Mew is a cool character. He paid no attention to the storms last night. You must be getting our weather. I don't like the heat, but I surely don't like these storms. Just no pleasing me, I guess.

I, too save old jeans. I can't bear to toss out all that usable fabric. I've made Christmas stockings with pockets on the front and my favorite hat is made from old jeans.

happy Easter to one and all.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Midgie
I have some old jeans that I just will not part with.. Will I ever be skinny again? I doubt it.
We love your creativity on using the old jeans for something,, and you have picked something that will be so nice to rest tired legs on!
So many opportunuties.
Your cake looks delicious,,, and I sure would like a tiny,, ohhhh a tiny bite.
We had sun today,, but now as much as you..
I love to see Ames and kitties resting so peacefully.. dreaming about butterflys,,, I am sure

Lynda (Granny K) said...

'Living the Dream in Devon' eh Midge?! You lucky people! :o)

Retirement rocks! ain't that the trufe?!

Have a fabulous weekend and avoid the traffic jams . . . heaven? - you're already there! :o)xxx

Old Kitty said...

I am at this very moment proving my hot cross buns dough (hence my pc time!!) but I doubt that they will turn out as perfect as yours!! This is the 4th time I've tried baking hot cross buns and so far I've failed miserably (they turned out more like rock cakes! LOL!!)! Oh I love your simnel cake too!!

Have a brilliant Easter break - the weather people are already predicting doom and gloom from Tuesday onwards so enjoy this mad fab weather!!

Awww lovely Amie and kitties have the right idea for how to spend the hols!! Take care

Caroline B said...

Hasn't it all been idyllic this week? The garden has become the room of choice in our house this weekend.
Love the denim pouffe cover with the pockets - ingenious!
Naughty Amie, but no dog wants to go around smelling of roses, they'd much rather pong of eau-de-poo....or is that just my dog!!

Faye Henry said...

Loved your post, Midge.. The jean thing is awesome:-) You are soooo smart. I love the recycle ideas.. The four legged animals have so much personality... smile..
Tell Tony I love his mug.. the cup... smile...

Allie said...

Yum - cake looks good! Love that pic of the cloud. I bet it was a day just like that when your cottage was being built....what a lovely thought.
Midge I just love what you did with those jeans, you clever girl! Happy Easter!
ps - love the pic of Tony too!

Becka and Mark said...

You didn't mention hot cross buns and easter cake..if we'd known the kids might have been around after all! haha..

Bean bag looks great! Hopefully the lovely weather is here to stay, shame it's time to go back to work tomorrow but it's been lovely while i've been off.

See you both soon, Happy Easter!

Shelley said...

Glad you had a warm easter! I think we had the coldest easter on record over here...ha,ha! Love what you do w/ the jeans - they are such a comfortable fabric. Hope the easter bunny remembered a treat for amie...