Friday, 11 March 2011

Bubbling along

Soggibottom Cottage is drying out, the doors have been open and we have been painting with help of Amie and her tail.

I've only been away for a couple of days and I've found to  upload a post on blogger layouts have changed. I don't like it, I'm making a very bad job of finding my way around.

There are some things that never change around here.

The stream meanders and bubbles along at it's own pace. 

Amie toddles along outside and toddles back in again, stopping to pose.

My tomato plants have been re potted, I've been reminded by Caroline of our Great Tomato Challenge.

 Tomato's have been re potted and moved into our greenhouse.We have spent two whole days outside in our garden, if we can't put Soggibottom Cottage back together yet, at least we can put our garden back together after the Winter.

Frank is quite happy watching the world go by from the front window. The birds are more active, it means Ginger Cat from over the bridge is around more.

Don't let Frank fool you, he's alert and ready to pounce


WendyCarole said...

impressed with the tomatoes
blogger seemed the same when i uploaded mine today

Christine said...

It's wonderful to know those tomatoes will be ripening...
Everything looks so fresh and spring like at Soggibottom!

WoolenSails said...

Your tomatoes are looking good.
I didn't see any white water, lol. Fun to be able to travel with him, but he really needs a good camera, sure would like to see some nice shots of all those interesting places.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

It must be nice to have the cottage open. We had a nice day here today, but it will be shortlived. Still several weeks before the windows and doors will be open. Good to see Amie out there:)

Sandee said...

I love that terra cotta colored wall with the white walls. Very nice.
The tulip photo is stunning! I don't think I could peel myself away from that view if it were in my home.

Sue said...

We had a lovely day today with warmer temperatures and some sunshine, but still not ice enough to leave the house open. Maybe soon.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I guess since we have not done a new post, we did not notice anything new... but i did hear rumors.
Love the color on the wall... is that the new color? Or the old color? What ever it is.. it is pretty.
I think Ames is the best helper ever!

Caroline B said...

Well done Amie, always good to have a helper!
I think your tomatoes are way ahead of mine, but that must be because you live down in the tropics of Devon! I'll have to get the MiracleGro out!

Angela Richardson said...

Love the 'paint effects' fro that exclusive dog tail paint brush.
Tomatoes should be yummy!
Hugs, Angela.

Allie said...

Ah good, Amie can hit the low spots and save you bending over to reach them. *G* Your tulips are so gorgeous! I'm hoping we can open our doors and get outside next week when it warms up a bit....

Old Kitty said...

Amie is just adorable!!! She's just lovely and her little sweet face just brightens my day!

Yay for your tomato plants!!! Wow!! That's brilliant!!

Great to see lovely Frank is on the lookout!!!

Me and Charlie hope Soggibottom Cottage dries out soon in time for the glorious Spring that's so just round the corner!!! Take care

Mary Ann Tate said...

Oh I wish I could get out in my garden but it keeps snowing.

Becka said...

decorating looks can come and do our cottage too if you're on a need a lick of paint :) pleased everything should be sorted out for you soon xxxx

Joanna said...

Everything looks nice and fresh, and you have tulips! Amie and Frank look too cute. Hope all is well.

Houseelf said...

Good luck with the decorating and floor. Your tomatoes are looking great. Aww Frank!