Monday, 14 March 2011

80 miles around Dartmoor.

This is where I left  the last post. At Dartmeet with the Medieval Clapper Bridge and the18th Century bridge  that is now used.

It's always good to see the bridge at a different angle..

The River Dart meanders for miles on the moor. 

A bit like us, no matter how many times we go, we always take a different route.

Miles and miles of moorland. Unbelievable to think all the moor land has been man made. At one time trees covered the whole area.

The sheep know their way around, even the best places to keep out of the wind. If you look closely there is a lamb huddled beside mama.

Most people who visit Dartmoor head for Widecombe in the Moor. I'm never sure why, apart from the old song of Uncle Tom Cobley going to Widecombe Fair.

 The hill is a bit steep going down into the village.

We never saw Uncle Tom Cobley, or the grey mare.
The next Widecombe fair is 13th September. It's nearly always muddy, so be warned.
There is always a grey mare with a very good look a like Uncle Tom Cobley.Tea at the Vicarage and lots of stalls.

Have to add that Widecombe looks far too quiet.. It is March, not quite the holiday season.

A few weeks time and cars and coaches hog the roads again.

I don't think all the coaches end up at Dartmoor prison, but there is a large car park at Princetown.

This is Princetown's tourist centre. Not a soul in sight.

Well may be one that we passed on our way across the moor on our way home.
Dartmoor is about 9 miles from Soggibottom Cottage. 
Unbelievable we travelled about 80 miles, wandering around.
Although we did stop for lunch.


Angela Richardson said...

I love to walk to the top of Ripon Tor then back to Ashburton for tea and cakes'

Caroline B said...

I remember sitting cooling our feet in the River Dart at Dartmeet during that week long 100 degree heatwave a few years back - glorious!

Sue Doran said...

Beautiful area, love the piccies!

Sue said...

Thank you for the lovely tour.

WendyCarole said...

it all looks very peaceful my kind of place

Myra said...

Gosh I love seeing these kinds of photos... So different from where we live... I would love to do that 80 mile tour... 8-)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Wow,, these photos show the beauty!
What a beautiful journey you took us on!

Remington said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Christine said...

What a wonderful post Midge! The photos of your countryside are beautiful. Love the photo of the mama sheep and her little one. Have a great weekend!

Houseelf said...

What amazing boulder walls. It is so different from Oxfordshire with the smaller limestone.

Oh yes Tom Cobley! I learned that song in primary school. Never knew where Widdicome Fair was.