Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Boys Biggest Book

I'll admit it, guilty.
I wasn't supposed to be reading "stuff" from the under stairs cupboard.

My cupboard (Tardis) was supposed to be emptied ready for the floor to be removed.

Although how can you help but flick through books of another era.

I had forgotten these were hiding in the cupboard. They should be upstairs, there are some things I haven't the heart to throw away... just call me squirrel....

You must remember dressing paper dollies.

Making the cotton reel kid.
This might have been my book, but I never had the pleasure of making one either.

Or your own Zoo.
I probably made a Zoo.

Life in the cottage is going to be different until we dry out completely
At least I won't have to feel guilty about not washing the floor.

Another plus, Spring is back.

Along with cold weather that has returned with a vengeance in our part of Devon.

Making, and creating has been put on hold for a while. At least until the cottage can be put back together. Everyday that passes means that we are one day nearer to doing just that.

Mark is still on his travels in Thailand, we keep up with his walkabout via Sparky Brand, better than watching the floor dry believe me .


Mary Ann Tate said...

We have surpassed the normal snowfall for February by 50%...then it thawed a bit. Guess what....leaky basement:( The ground is still frozen and there is no where for all the snow melt to go....sigh. So I can sympathize. The good thing is we were going to put in new flooring anyway.

Caroline B said...

Look at those fantastic old illustrations - who could resist sitting down and having a read! Beats doing the clearing up hands down. I remember dressing paper dolls very well - I used to make my own clothes for them too. Happy days!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

I must admit I am guilty of keeping a few things that should be long gone, but then I have tossed so many others that I wish I still had:(

WoolenSails said...

What fun old books, most of mine got trashed from getting moldy in the basement. Luckily I kept my grandmother's book upstairs.

Will be so nice when it gets warm, we will both enjoy getting out again.


Sue said...

Oh what memories. I made a zoo and I loved paper dolls. I'm sure that drawing pretty dresses for the paper dolls got me started on designing and making my own clothes years later.

It's warm here and the buds on the trees are swelling, but nothing popping up yet.

Still no package, but our mail is terribly slow, so don't worry, it'll get here.

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

I love the graphics in old books. You just can't throw those away!! Hey I see a little Cavalier statue peeking in your garden - you can't hide it from me!

Christine said...

What a treasue trove! All those wonderful old books. I remember the years of paper dolls and such.
Thanks for the sweet memories Midge.

Allie said...

Oh my dear, one never gets rid of old books - they STAY! Flowers already? I'm jealous! So, so pretty! Hope the floor dries quickly and that life returns to normal soon, hon. Going to go check up on Mark....

Old Kitty said...

Oh no, no,no!! Please don't throw these fantastic books away!! They're brilliant and in great condition too!! I used to love these cut out paper dollies with the clothes and their little tags!!

Good luck with putting your cottage back together again! Hopefully spring will be well and truly settled by the time all is done!! Yay! take care

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am a squirrell too..
I call them treasures that I cannot part with.
One day closer to spring is a good thing,,, and your right- no need to wash the floor... it already is!

Raggy Rat said...

i want to come and read those books too ... cross legg-ed onthe floor xxx

Houseelf said...

Oh those sorts of annuals were brilliant- so much to do as well as read. I grew up reading them and Eagle Annuals at my Grandmother's. I'll have to show you our collection of fireside reading with marshmallow hot choc.

Good luck with the clean up and decorating.

Ann-Marie ~ Brambly said...

I just had to stop by your blog when I saw your thumbnail on Slightly Shabby. The creek in your photo looks so much like the one that runs through my backyard. I love your bears. They remind me of a huge collection of bears at Benbow Inn in Northern California.I'd love it if you stopped by Brambly and paid me a visit. Take care.