Monday, 6 December 2010

Frosty Paws

It's dull outside. Cold and frosty....... STILL NO SNOW..........
Honestly I'm not being smug, everyone keeps asking me if we have had snow.
NO WE HAVEN'T....... NOT YET.........

The best place to be is inside.

Sitting extremely close to the radiator, in Franks case almost ontop of it.

He has a clear view when the squirrels cross the squirrel bridge down the stream and a head start on the ginger cat when it crosses into Frank's patch. The ginger cat is never this side of the bridge for long. Only the brave cross into Frank's patch.

Karen from The Barely There Primitive Bear was kind enough to give Soggibottom a Versatile Blogger award a while ago. It was a while ago and I've forgotten exactly what the terms were that went with it. Karen is a forgiving soul and I hope that now is the best time for me to mention it as Karen has a beautiful giveaway.

Only a few more hours and one of the Soggibottom Bears is going to be travelling out into the cold, just to remind you that you can still enter until tomorrow, 6 p.m. G.M.T. Hopefully we will be on time and our random generator will pull a name out at 8 p.m.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow, don't forget the twist.... don't rush away too quickly.....


Ayla sedore said...

I just can't get enough of Amie!!

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations with your award!!!!

And what great christmas card with Amie!!! Hello there gorgeous Frank - you have a lovely view! take care

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award.

Nope no snow here yet either. The roads are icy though and the trees look like a Winter wonderland so I must find time to get out there with my camera.

Faye Henry said...

What a beautiful card for the Season... Greetings to you, too. What a lovely view... I would be looking out the window, too..
Happy Birthday, love....

Dolores said...

Cute, cute, cute. Gorgeous Amie. Lucky you - no snow. Nice view the paws have.

Allie said...

Well that has to be The Cutest Picture of Amie yet! Frank looks so cozy warm, I think he has found a perfect spot - wish I was there to share with him!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sweet little Ames Soto Blossom
you get cuter everytime we look at you. Now just look at your cuteness.!
And there is the Frank,,, of course so beautiful too.
Midge you take the most awsome photos. The views from your cottage,, it does not matter,,, your photos always paint a thousand words.
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

I DO hope that this is the way to enter the contest -- such a darling bear! I think he NEEDS to fly over here to The Colonies and live with ME!

Lovely piccies, delightful sweater pattern (thank you muchly). Such pretty things you have.

Warm hugs and woofs,
Maggie & MacTaggart
DrMaggie at

WendyCarole said...

love the photo of Amie

John loved it too and th eone of Frank

Joanna said...

Congratulations on your blog award and very cute pictures of the menagerie.