Thursday, 9 December 2010

Dessert Rats

Having re read my last post, do I want to delete it ?
... No way......
Blogging is fun, not a platform to bully anyone else...

Shall we move on now ?
I think I have gently made my point.
I use the word gently here, I could have said like a bull in a china shop....

I had a great birthday on the 7th.
Just as you think, well, that's it, all over for another year.
Then through the post came this.... a mug with Mew's painting printed on it.

THIS IS MEW, Caroline original painting.
Caroline painted Mew to enter into a gallery competition, using the photo that I blogged here earlier in the year.
You can see more of Caroline's work at Uniqart, she is a much better knitter than I am too.

Mew and Amie Soto Blossom have both had their portrait's painted by talented artists.
Amie's portrait hangs in the cottage. You can see it on the side bar to the side, painted by Michele Beesley.

Just like Caroline's gift Amie's portrait arrived in the post. Totally unexpected...
I have such kind, blogging friends.

Mew has lost weight.
Amie doesn't have so many cookies now.
Mew doesn't steal as many from Amie = weight loss.
The bit you can see is loose skin. That's Mew's story and she is still sticking to it.


Dolores said...

My husband keeps saying Digit is fat but she too has some loose fur on her belly. That mug was wonderful and made for a really nice surprise. Happy belated.

WoolenSails said...

I love that mug, what a wonderful idea.
Being self absorbed lately, I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!


Christine said...

What a wonderful birthday gift! Mew is quite a lovely girl.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

What a wonderful gift! She is an awesome painter! Thanks for sharing.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Caroline B said...

Can I blame the bit that overhangs my jeans on loose skin? No? Oh all right then, someone had better stop giving me biscuits too!

Glad you like the mug!

Caroline x

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Lucky Midge! What a wonderful portrait of Mew and a lovely and mug!

WendyCarole said...

what a grea mug and wonderful picture

Tia has a dangly undercarriage i noticed the other day too much sleeping on the bed. Not enough chasing up and down the stairs I reckon!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my gosh,,, the portrait of Mews is absolutely gorgeous.
I have never seen a more beautiful kitty portrait- EVER!
Mew is beautiful and this portrait captured her beauty.
So many wonderful artists you know..
Oh yes,,, a very wonderful gift

Joanna said...

I love Mew's white tipped feet. She's a lovely cat and deserves to have her portrait on a mug.

Allie said...

Mew is a star!! She's had her portrait painted! It's just lovely Midge, what a wonderful friend. Caroline is a great artist!

Angela Richardson said...

What a great present.
Love the rat picture, reminds me of Jumble the blue rat who is now HUGE.
Glad you had a good birthday,
Keep warm and aviod those crazy shopping crowds.
Smiles, Angela.

Sue said...

What a lovely gift. It's a good time of year to lose a little weight with the holidays coming up. She can indulge in more treats that way.

Heckety said...

What a lovely surprise to get! As well as a lovely thing to do- thoughtful and kind people are rare enough! They are a treasure though!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely birthday present.

I could do with a spot of loose fur myself, but theres this stuff called gingerbread and then there's the M+S cherry liquers, Bendicts Bittermints and and and. I think I'll try in the New Year.