Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Bear and owner re-united.
Bear with paws and holes filled, new suit, hat and he is clean.
Although he's story isn't quite finished.......

I have gone back to my needles and sewing cottons over the last few days.
I thought I would show you a "find".
A find for me as they don't sell cotton on wooden reels anymore.

The cottons might be a few years old, but have been well kept and in pristine condition. They belonged to a bespoke Saville Row Tailor, to me they are like gold dust.

I've been sitting in the garden using them, occasionally taking time to watch the bees at work.

We also made a visit to the farm, as always Bessie the farm dog was waiting for her cookies.

Bessie is on here so often she may as well be a Soggibottom dog.
She never fails to make me laugh.....

We feel honoured as Bessie isn't good with everyone she meets.
Wonder why she likes us ?

Wendy's bear is still sitting in the cottage window.
After being reunited with Wendy on Sunday.
Wendy thought he should go into permanent retirement in a good home.....

So here he is, sitting with Perkins, gazing out of the window, protecting the cottage.
I promise not to make him work too hard. Perkins had to move over.
Who looks smug now Perkins ?


WendyCarole said...

he looks very at home sitting there with Perkins.

Astrid said...

He is a beautiful bear and looks like he is a very happy bear and sitting proud.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Awwwwe, they look so cute sitting in the window, together.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Christine said...

With our holidays over, I'm pleased to be able to pay a visit at long last, to Soggibottom! The garden is well worth the visit as are the two bears greeting me from the window!
Thanks so much!
Those wooden reels are like gold dust as I was looking for some - glad you found them!
Best wishes

Dolores said...

I love that last shot. They look so good together in the window.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

When I peek in your windows, I will be sure to wave to Perkins and his friend. They look so happy and I am looking forward to see them looking out at me!
They are so adorable together, and the bears clothes are presious!

Allie said...

Wendy's bear looks wonderful, he's dropped decades with the surgery - and now he lives with you, oh my! I just know he and Perkins will be best buds. What a gift, Midge!

I know why Bessie loves you guys - because you love her, and you bring treats, lol! She can be a Soggibottom dog by proxy.

Great find on the threads!!!!!!!

Caroline B said...

I don't know how Wendy could bear (!) to give up her bear!!

Bessie looks like Clovis's best friend....who could never be a farm dog as she is afraid of sheep!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Isn't that a lovely picture of Wendy and her bear! He is looking at her so adoringly i'm surprised she could bear to part with him, ever! Lucky Midge gets to keep him!