Friday, 2 July 2010

Jake's Soggibottom puffle things

It's not often that I make something for Jake.

So having never seen a real puffle, only a photo of one, I really hope these fit the bill.
Here they are not quite finished.

Made from scraps of stuff I have in my Tardis (the cupboard under the stairs).
I haven't quite finished the black one, it has black mohair for hair.

Not been puffle making all week, only last night.
We've been on the beach.

Meeting new friends.
The fact that this little black and white English Cocker Spaniel looked like Amie's predecessor hurt slightly.
Such beautiful dogs, both 2 years old and rescued by the lady we met.
Good to hear they fell on their paws. How on earth such two beautiful dogs ever ended up in a rescue centre is beyond me.

One of us has been counting the plums in the garden again.

This strawberry was there until I took my eye's off of it.
I would like to dedicate the memory of it to my dear friend from Heckety Beck

If your not out side in your garden this weekend.

Or out and about on the beach, have a great weekend anyway.
As for the puffles, you might have to ask a 7 year old all about them.
Something to do with Penguins.


Cavaliers Corner said...

Ha ha ha....they are hilariously gorgeous - "Puffles". I even like the name of them. Loved that last photo with the tongue hanging out. Enjoy your weekend.

Faye Henry said...



Allie said...

LOVE the Puffles - good for you! Glad you got some beach time, my turn, I hope, soon. Love the pic of Amie!

WoolenSails said...

Those puffles are so cute. With the holiday weekend, I will be avoiding the major beach areas, so might try a paddle on the bay or head to the river.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Ames , I tell you what,,, you could not get any cuter at all.
Oh how we love looking at your sweet little face!

We like the Puffles too. They look very mysterious to me.
Your beach looks like sooo much fun to run and meet new friends. I am happy you and your mama got to "get away" and have some beach time
The photo of the strawberry is gorgous and bet it tasted good too.

Caroline B said...

So that's what Puffles are - think I may have seen them somewhere. Cute though- I like how you've done the faces.
We've finished all our strawberries and now starting on the currants while waiting for the blueberries to ripen......

Anonymous said...

LOL Puffles were new to me too. I think they are a little like Flumps. :-)

Looks like a lovely beach. Here they stop dogs from using the beach April-Oct.

WendyCarole said...

love the puffle
garden looks great and the beach and Amy of course

Heckety said...

I would like to officially inform you that you grow VERY TASTY strawberries, and as there are several green ones left on the plant the words of Terminator...I'll be baaaack!!!

Puffles are a new one on me- I'll have to ask the boys in Sunday scholl next week! My usual source of info! Love the beach photos, and its always good to meet 'rescued' dogs I think- until the present two, all ours have been rescue and like you say, you really have to wonder at people. My Mom in law has rescue dogs and cats, usually several of each at once! said...

Oh the picture of Amie looks so familiar...but I love the one of Becca and Amie...There is a look on Amie's face and eyes I haven't seen before, probably what she looks like in the flesh! And of course your Becca is a natural beauty...Michele