Saturday, 3 October 2009

Stumbling over fossils on Charmouth Beach

This is it, what ever it is.
We've been back to Charmouth beach fossil hunting.
Not really fossil hunting, just talking Amie for a walk.

What ever it is or was, now sits in the cottage along side the last of our Summer roses and the painting Mark brought back from The Forbidden City in China. Framed by Becca.

They're in there somewhere you only need to look!
I could fib and say I know what I am looking for fossil wise. I haven't a clue. Although if it shines it must be interesting............................

Not a bucket and spade to be seen on the beach. There were people wandering up and down with small hammers and rucksacks. I had to add some colour on here. After walking along Charmouth you understand why dinosaurs in films are always grey................
You might not be able to walk along Charmouth Beach, but you can visit the Jurassic Coast by a click.

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