Friday, 9 October 2009

Antique finds and the Mayflower steps in Plymouth Devon.

Weather wasn't great in Plymouth the day we visited the Aquarium.

Only hardy souls out and about.

Great for space, if you like the streets to yourself.

To find a street or backwater lane you haven't been before I always find interesting.

Yep.....this is what you think it is. Life size and on top of cupboards in the antique market.
They even had a stuffed crocodile.

Poor little guys. The bears, not the bottles on the top.

I always warn about buying antique bears.
No matter how much your tempted or how old the bear is, the bear really needs to have a good covering of mohair and be in reasonable condition..............
Otherwise your great buy and the love of your life will fall to bits before your eyes.
Don't these bears look sad?

Did I take notice of my own advice?

What do you think?


WendyCarole said...

poor little bears we might have had to squeeze them in here

Myra said...

Awesome photos you've been posting! 8-)

Dolores said...

So, did you get them both? And no, I do not know what's on top of the cupboards - and I don't think I want to know. I would dearly love to wander through the streets and laneways.

Midge said...

I'm great for taking things for granted..just because I know what it is!
Sorry guys, its a Dalak. We are Dr Who fans....might have to google if you've never seen it before. x x