Thursday, 31 July 2008

Summer weather

Wasn't it about 30% in London today?

I posted the seagulls to remind us how different it was only a few days ago.

Come to sunny Devon, holiday by the sea and bring your bucket and spade, Sou'wester, wellies, warm clothing and hot water bottle.

We can't go out to count the potatoes today.


Anonymous said...

Dubai is 45 degrees today and I am off to go the beach tomorrow. In Arabic thats :

Baha - Beach

So I am off to the Baha - I will have my phone with me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve
Plymouth Hoe tomorrow, going to dodge the rain and watch the ships.
Build lots of sand cars and make sure they have somewhere to put the phone.

Anonymous said...

I have heard as you get older you return to your childish ways so take some nappies with you just in case.

Anonymous said...

There have been recent reports of 'drops of water' invading the land, coming from the skies. These drops of water are said to be harmless, but they COULD contain problems. An example would be the documentary film 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' where a similar occurance contained seeds that grew into pods that replicated people and caused confusion (and mayhem). Whilst the invasion of water droplets is taking place, its probably safer to stay indoors and eat beans on toast.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous...

Coded conversation...... and your name is ?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I think I may have married a pod as my husband causes confusion and mayhem wherever he goes.Should I douse him in weed killer or plant him first?

Soggibottom said...

Dear Anon, We don't use much weedkiller at Soggibottom. But i plant everything that's green.
Stinging nettle fertilizer.
1 large plastic trug. (ours came from B and Q).
Filled to the brim with stinging nettles. Watch these because they can be little blighters. WEAR GLOVES.
Fill with water and leave to stew for about five days. Smells strongly, but just think how good it is for the garden. Mix the foul smelling liquid one part to 5 parts water. And sprinkle on the garden...... Have fun...