Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bean there. done that.

Couldn't go outside yesterday because
of the weather was so bad. So nipped
out between showers today. Yep, it's
still there.


underground smoker said...

I,m sure thats weed!!!

steamboat willy said...

Dat ain't no weed,dat dem beans, me can nose weed a mile off. tis one hell of a job litein dem beans wiv me zippo.

dixon of frock dean said...

If that suspious looking substance is what I think it is, I will have no option than to send round the local constabulary to confiscate the said greenary. Supplies down at the local scuffers shop are getting quite low, and of course, the recent credit crunch have made prices high, and with the refusal of the recent plod pay demands, things are tough.

Alan Titchmarsh said...

Wow! Everything looks so colourful!