Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Black, white and a splash of runner bean

Love this picture.
We have had a white wall over the bed ever since we moved in. It's been waiting for the right thing to go into the space. That's one of things I love about my daughter, it might sound like gobbely gook when I discribe what I want, but she understands it.

We also noticed we have a blackberry in the garden. Even we think 15th July is slightly early.

Oh.... can't not show you, the runner beans.


Anonymous said...

Has your daughter a web site?
Fantastic art.

Anonymous said...

I like the use of the double negative in your English there. Very modern

Anonymous said...

ko, carnt not quite sea wot not you arnt not on about, or not. you must be sum sort of english techur or not, or sum sort of prat or wot ever, i ain't bovered or not, i fink not. try and get over yourself, you mite need help, or not.