Thursday, 20 February 2014

The room with a view of the Caribbean Sea.

Soggibottom bears can be found in the most unlikely places.

You might remember this guy, Jim's bear, when he had his photo taken in our cottage window seat a few months ago.

Dubu now lives with Jim and his wife on a small island, situated off the coast of Belize.
Jim promised to send some photo's and true to his promise here they are.
It seems that the bear refuses to take off his Winter togs.
He made the journey, from Devon to London, by air to Mexico, bus, helicopter, then a boat.
Lucky devil.
It's always good to know Soggibottom bear's have made it to their destination.
We also love having photo's of them in their new homes. Bears or Hares, if you have any photo's you would like to send we would love to see them.

Even we have been having some sun this week. Nothing to compare with the sunny Caribbean I'm afraid.
It's half term, school is out.

At Bigbury beach, kids have been digging in the sand, coats have started to come off, things look so different when the sun shines.

We checked on the beach road that had been covered in sand after the storms last week.
It's passable and apart from all the sand on either side of the road, it looks fine.

Fishing boats are out and about again.

 Although very wisely sandbags are still in place.

We've been having fun with our new camera.

I'm still very fond of our old one.

A very big thank you to my friend Joanna. Mr postman brought something in the post for me today.  Joanna is a beautiful quilter. Joanna sent such a lovely parcel to make me smile and it has.
You can find Joanna HERE over on her blog. Thank you Joanna.

Freya is over at Cat Flap Cavalier as usual.

Today she has been helping out on the beach rescuing a Guillemot.
See you all later. 
 :-) xx x


WoolenSails said...

Jim's bear definitely found a good home, looks nice and warm. Love your new photos, gorgeous ocean scenery.


Unknown said...

OMD Soggibottom bears do get everywhere. WOW! Have fun with the new camera. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

stellaroselong said...

OH MY we wish wesa were a sitting on some warm beach somewhere! Have a great Thursday.
Stella Rose

Joanna said...

Your bears have the life. An island off Belize sounds good right now. Glad things arrived and you smiled.

Marg said...

That is so terrific that the bears get such good homes and they send you pictures of them.
Those sure are some lovely pictures of the country side etc.
Have a great evening.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww Dubu looks so dapper and totally at home! What a chance of scenery!

And what a change of weather where you are too!! All looks calm and un-flooded - thank goodness and touch wood!!!

Yay for Freya helping that gorgeous bird!! Take care

Dolores said...

I was going to say that the little bear looked a tad overdressed. Glad to hear the bird found some good Samaritans.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Lucky bear...I wish I was there right now:) Saw the post about the sea bird rescue. Freya did a good job.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I have a feeling that little bear is going to be very happy in his new home. He is a real beauty!
And your camera is taking some mighty nice photos.

Sue said...

Loving the bear.

The photos are fab.

Always nice to get a surprise in the post.

Sketching with Dogs said...

Oh to be sat on a veranda in the Carribian.....
Hope the Guillemot is okay.