Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Demolition (D) day two

The yellow cottage is still here on D day two.
Although there have been slightly more coming and goings today.
You can see how close Soggibottom is to our neighbouring yellow cottage.... a tad to close for comfort at the moment..

There isn't anywhere else for the workmen to park without blocking everything up for the pedestrian traffic, they are fine where they have parked. As long as they leave a part of it for us and our neighbour's car to be able to back into the car park opposite... no problem....

Quite right about safety...

ASBESTOS REMOVAL ? Where is our face mask and what about one for Frankie de tabby and Freya Rose Blossom ?

Hard Hats, we have covered hard hats before in the last post.

Safety harness must be worn... that might not be needed for us... we have no intention of going higher than a foot into our own cottage... However this is an interesting read.

Caution Keep out and Children must not play on this site.
Did I ever mention how close the yellow cottage is to a children's play park.... it's on the other side of the yellow cottage wall... This is one rule at weekends when the demolition men go home is going to be hard to enforce... a small inquisitive child can get underneath the fencing... depends on how inquisitive they are but as a rule, Caution Keep Out is a warning like a magnet to go in for kids... Trouble is children go around to the play park all the time and not all of them are supervised.

Are we being a bit picky about what the signs say and what actually happens when the demolition crew go home at night and the weekend ?

The yellow cottage is being demolished as a part of a new road that is being built to bypass our village. The road won't really effect us as in noise or pollution, in fact we won't even see it down here at the bottom of the hill. It will be on the other side of the village, but the amount of extra water that will run down from the new road to the bottom of the hill is the reason why they are building new culverts all along the route.
The removal of the yellow cottage gives space to build a culvert at the bottom of our particular hill.  It might also help us with our flooding problem, but as we said, we aren't going to put our flood gate into mothballs yet.
This photo shows one lonely stump of a tree. All along this road were hedge rows and mature trees... now all gone... some of the route resembles a moonscape... but if you can imagine a red moonscape not a grey or white one... maybe I should have said Mars, but then it's definitely too cold for Mars today.

It was a bit nippy on the beach this afternoon too.

You can tell there weren't many people out on the beach.

One mutley dog, 

One guy on the cliff taking a photo of us while we took a photo of him.

Why did we take his photo ?
He was near to a fresh landslide along the beach. At the moment it's not a good idea to walk close to the cliffs when your on the beach, or on top of them because of all the rainfall we have had during recent months which has weakened their structure.
Maybe we are far too safety conscious about things that others take for granted. It would be a good thing if there were safety signs along the cliff top and on the beach. There probably are at some point, but do people ever take notice of them ?

Arriving back to find that after a parking agreement had been reached yesterday, straight away as soon as we were out it had been broken, wasn't a good start to the afternoon.. The site supervisor sat in his warm car which was parked in the space that we asked to be left clear... well, it was cold. But if he was supervising why was he sitting in the warmth of his car while the other guys were working hard ?
Oh, we are watching you carefully... :-) HA HA. no slacking Mr Supervisor.
After being asked as you can imagine very politely by the soggibottom carpenter TO MOVE... not sure there was a please, but the site manager did after a lot of muttering on his part... we then made them all a cup of tea because it was so cold.

Freya has a new toy box over at  Catflap Cavalier... she loves her dad.
See you all tomorrow...


WoolenSails said...

It is too bad you couldn't take a vacation while they are working. So, they are tearing up the countryside to make roads for the tourists, so they can see the countryside, haha.


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Well it looks darned nippy to me too! :o)

Good job you guys are 'on the ball' when it comes to safety first - Those contractors better watch their step, i'd say! xx

Unknown said...

We hope they knock it down quickly and get a move on and finish. Paws crossed. The beach looks nippy. Stay warm and safe. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Cindy said...

I"m sure enjoying this construction demolition story and photos. I will flying out tomorrow to Seattle WA so might not be able to check in for a day - unless I can find some WIFI somewhere in the hotel.

Did they ask to use your bathroom? LOL

Caroline B said...

Oh how I feel your pain! We have those signs next to us as well as the lovely temporary fencing,although we also have about six portakabins and ten times the parking problem. At least they hop to it when I ask them to move a car from in front of my parking area....that THEY built!

Did you see in the newspaper about a dog that had been to the beach and enjoyed playing with pebbles - he had about 75 of them in his stomach that had to be removed! I thought of Freya - you'd better check she doesn't rattle when you shake her!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I hope they hurry and get it done too- so you can all get back to normal. And I hope everyone follows the rules.
The beach looks nice- but very windy- oh burr

WendyCarole said...

That tree stump does look lonely I wonder where all the hedgerow wild life went. Well we live in a car driver society so nothing else matters.

People always think there is a rule for the general public and another for them. They never think it would be them sliding down with the cliff edge or that their car shouldn't be parked in a no park zone!

Can't wait ti read about day 3 I bet you will be glad when it's over.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I'll be nice to see the yellow cottage gone but oh I think it will be a big mess in such a tight space:( I hope they do a quick job of it.