Sunday, 24 February 2013

2013 tomato challange

The 2013 tomato challenge is about to start.
I hear you say, what on earth is that ?

Caroline and I are competitive, at least as far as growing tomato's.
I have to admit she is a better knitter than I will ever be...
Caroline also won last year's tomato challenge...(one all so far).

If you want to join, such silly stuff, do a post and show your tomato plants growing, from start to finish. No matter what the weather. No matter where they are grown, inside or outside. Tub, window box, small pot. Normally as long as you feed them well, give them light and air they will produce and home grown STUFF is so much better, it tastes better............... It would be a good thought to give a link to other tomato entries.
You are also welcome to borrow the photo I have above to put on your side bar or blog. NOW THAT IS A FIRST, me telling you to use my photo's... but you can and your very welcome to do so.

The winner is the first to pick and be able to eat a red,yellow or what ever colour the tomato is, easy... All just for fun.. no hard sell. No great prize at the end.... just for fun. Although I will try and think of a winner's prize, normally it would be seeds to sow for the year after, but as this is a world wide thing, I will have to think hard and let you know about the prize. Hope that pleases everyone.. ah, no cheating by the way ... as if any of Soggibottom's followers would... :-)
Believe me, we really do have fun and jokes about the tomato challenge, maybe it's just a gardener thing................. OR THAT VERY COMPETITIVE NATURE Caroline and I both have..

You can find Caroline........ JUST HERE..,

As I mentioned in my last post, there are many things going on over the next month or so at  Soggibottom cottage. All outside and not inside so that's a blessing..  Our flooding problem MIGHT be helped slightly, but our flood gate is at hand anyway, because nothing that is written down is binding... If it rains, it will rain, and if water levels go above normal.... hum...
Promise to keep everyone updated...

Freya is fast asleep, Freya doesn't snore which in it's self is another blessing. She will be back at the Catflap Cavalier as soon as she wakes up.... Have a very QUIET and peaceful weekend.. WE HAVE ONE DAY LEFT OF IT BEING PEACEFUL AROUND HERE.. see you all soon, x x x


Cindy said...

Oh goodness, you would sit and cry if you saw our tomatoe plants of last year. They were droopy, small and hardly produced, as much of the garden was the same way. We have no idea what happened but we hope to remedy that this year. We have only a small garden but hubby takes such pride in "prepping" it during the off months. We can't plant here until May so it'll be awhile yet.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Hi Freya!!

Joanna said...

You are up to your old tricks with the tomatoes again I see. Good for you. May the best woman win:)

Jo's World said...

I left a longish comment for you yesterday but somehow it got lost between here and your blog.
I told you that we would not get to put spindly little tomato plants in the ground until mid-May (unless someone has a green house!) and at that time, you and your pal will probably be eating your harvest!

Good luck in the contest!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Sue said...

I can't grow tomatoes so I'll sit this one out, but I do enjoy watching the competition.

Glad things are quiet for the moment including the sleeping dog. I have five that snore so it can get a little noisy at times.

So what's happening in one day?

Caroline B said...

I suppose I had better get my seeds in some pots then!
If anyone else fancies joining in this competition, it is a fun little diversion. I only won last year because the weather in the UK was so rubbish and all tomato crops were poor. I think I only picked two or three in total but at least they were BEFORE MIDGE - haha, in your face!!!!...sorry, yes there is serious rivalry over this!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Midgie
Have you noticed in the past several years that tomatoes taste different?
They taste so sweet and not acidy.
We prefer the ones that are not so sweet. Do you know what I mean?

~ Kirra ~ said...

Alas if Kirra was exempt from snoring, how peaceful Northumberland would be. Instead we must endure sleeping tablets and horlicks - whilst Kirra blissfully snores throughout the night and sometimes daytime too.