Thursday, 31 January 2013

MEW CAT - Caroline Bletsis painting

We are normally quite laid back here at Soggibottom cottage.

There are however some things that catch our attention.

A water colour painting of Mew Cat was delivered to the SOGGIBOTTOM cottage a few days before Christmas last year.  Unwrapping the parcel left Tony and I completely speechless.

I know Caroline had taken my photo of Mew and had painted her. Caroline had told me, she was welcome to the photo. I don't mind anyone borrowing photo's from our blog, as long as they tell us.

Mew was a creature of habits. A cottage cat who was for so many years part of our lives.

Mew was a three week old kitten when she was found in an empty field by a dog walker on a very wet day. The dog walker took Mew to a friend of mine who had a cat sanctuary. One very wet Sunday my friend called to asked if we could foster a kitten until a home was found. A three week old kitten needed to be fed every few hours.. probably more when she needed. I replied that we have a pup you know....

You know what cats and dogs are like..
 Okay, fine, we will take her.
When can you bring her round.. ?

The day before we had been to a wedding. It had rained and I know Ray and Jane are reading this, because Ray always checks in here... it was a beautiful wedding no matter that it rained all day. At the same time, as I think back, that was the day when Mew was found..

My friend came in the front door of the house.. not Soggibottom I feel I must add here.
There was Mew.
A small bedraggled little nose.. it was her pink nose that I could see as my friend had her wrapped up in a scarf. I should add I had had two previous tabby cats. Black cats were the norm in the house that we used to live in.

When Mew arrived, we had one very large black Grace labrador, one small puppy cavalier called Amie Soto Blossom, one Frankie de tabby kitten and a very old cat called Tiddles, before anyone thinks it, no, Tiddles,  never did.

So there was this little scrap that slept beside me every night with the pup. A kitten so young away from her mother never learns the graces of being a cat.... Mew wasn't dog like like Frankie de tabby, she was always a cat, yet one that couldn't balance as normal cats do. She wasn't a cossetted kitten as normal kitten's are, mother cats do cosset their off spring, we looked after Mew, Amie looked after Mew. When  Mew was old enough to be rehomed..  The call came.... One bleak day......
I think at the precise moment Mew had taken a liking to draping herself around Tony's neck..

She is fine, she is happy, we are quite happy to keep her came my reply to the phone call from my friend..
Mew and Amie Soto Blossom became such friends how on earth could we separate them.

Here she is, I had to dig deep into our photo library to find this particular photo. It's not the actual one that Caroline took her painting from. Mew had one of eye's open in the photo and painting.

It's not this one either.

Mew had a paw trick, she was addicted to cheese.

Such strange things come through the post.. Good things.
I wonder if Caroline knows how much she made us both shed a tear. What a beautiful thought to send us the original painting of Mew (CAT).  Especially last Christmas. We have such good friends.
You can find the painting of Mew and the link to Caroline on the side bar of the blog.
Amie Soto Blossom and Mew, Soggibottom Cottage are all linked. Along with Frankie de tabby.
Freya Rose Blossom is showing off her nifty knits at the  catflap cavalier.

 To Mew and Cheese...
 Thanks Caroline x x x You will never know just how much that painting meant to us.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a sweet and wonderful thing for Caroline to do for you.

It's gorgeous.

Joanna said...

Lovely post.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful painting of Mew and fun photos, quite the character.


Jo's World said...

Mew is beautiful and the portrait is so perfect of her!

I am amazed that you could grow a 3 week old kitten into such a lovely adult cat. I know it is a bit difficult to do!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Sue Doran said...

A lovely cat and a lovely lady, I don't know where Caroline gets the time to do all the things she does! What a fantastic, expressive painting; she is so talented, I have the book that she illustrated with all the potatoes which is utterly amazing.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

How wonderful! It is a beautiful picture indeed.

Unknown said...

Lovely portrait and what a nice surprise over Christmas. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly.

Molly the Airedale said...

What a beautiful painting! It's just gorgeous!

WendyCarole said...

What a gorgeous painting of a beautiful cat :)

Faye Henry said...

Lovely people out there.. xo

Cindy said...

So thoughtful, so kind and such a beautiful gesture.


Mary Ann Tate said...

Such a lovely gift to receive. She is a very talented artist.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

How wonderful and she is such a great painter, also! Great post, my friend!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tweedles -- that's me said...

What loving thoughtfulness in the beautiful painting.

Sandee said...

That is one incredible watercolor painting! And the story of Mew is such a sweet one, thanks for sharing.

Allie said...

That is just a wonderful gift, Midge, what a blessing she is, and so talented - a beautiful likeness of Mew!

Al said...

What a great story and a beautiful painting. She sounds like a great cat.

Sue said...

What a wonderful painting. I love Caroline's work. I guess I need to start saving my pennies to buy one.