Friday, 29 June 2012

soggibottom -- HOW TO MAKE A DOLL's WIG and Free rag doll pattern

You might remember the rag dolls I posted a few years ago..
I've been asked so many times "how do you".
In this case a doll's wig for the Soggibottom  rag doll..
So everyone knows what I am babbling on about, it was quite a while since I made the post about the rag dolls,  it might be easier if I give you a link to the pattern

rag doll pattern  <------- click  

The dolls wig is easy, nothing hard to do, I never do hard, so if I can do it, so can you.

This particular doll is intended for a little girl that has yet to be born in our family. I've been clearing out cupboards and used her Dad's old jeans (I found another pair) that he left here on his last visit. THEY WERE OLD and had holes at the knee's, not wearable, but perfect for me to re use. I can't believe that I had overlooked them before....Mark and Becca will probably have a pink fit to see this, so before I am deeply in trouble, I had better come clean, our eldest son Steven is going to be a proud father.

Most of the questions I receive about this particular pattern are about the chin... Follow the notches and you can't go wrong, just make sure you have the doll's chin gusset lined up properly and it's up the right way.

I start the doll by sewing her (or his) face. I pencil draw the face first, then embroider the rest.

Attaching the chin, the right way up with notches matching.
Then sew the front body of the doll to the lower seam of the chin.

Having already sewn the back giving it a center sewing line.
Attach the front of the doll right side down to the back of the doll which should be right side around the sewing line matching notches. Sew around to the shoulders on both sides.

Still with me ?
Turn the doll inside out

It should look something like this.
I admit, not to good to look at, but by the time you have sewn the arms together, turned them inside out and made sure they are filled with good quality stuffing, added them to the doll, she begins to take shape.
Turn the doll inside out again to add the arms, put the stuffed arms inside the body and match them to the notches on the seam line of the body..... Then sew from shoulder to the bottom of the body.
Still with me ?

Turn the doll inside out again and you should have the head, body and arms attached. The legs I add after I have firmly stuffed the head and the body...

THE DOLL'S WIG.. She starts to look better after the wig, I promise.

I've used this particular felted and sewn wool, that our village wool shop stocks. You can use similar yarn or thick wool. Or be really inventive and give your doll a wig made of strands of cut material, that's the best of using the basic's of a pattern, you can adapt it to your own style and special colours.
I happen to like this doll made in denim.

I normally wind strands of wool around a book.

Back stitch along one end of the book where your wool is,  back stitching the wool not the book...

Cut the bottom.

You should have the start of your dolls wig. Back stitches holding it all together. I use two short and two long basic wigs for one doll. The short one's are for the doll's fringe.

Attach the short wig to the front of the dolls head. Then back stitch through the wool and the dolls head.
Don't worry, she doesn't feel a thing.

Follow the back seam of the back of the doll's head and again, stitch and attach the long wig through the wool and doll's head by back stitches.

I told you she would look better after her hair.

You might need to trim the wool around her fringe slightly, but that's it. EASY STUFF...
She just needs some clothes.

Frankie de tabby watching you make the wig ... is a one off extra you won't find Frank around in any shop

Like wise, Freya Rose Blossom, but you can find Freya at her blog CATFLAP CAVALIER..

Hope this answers most of the questions about the rag doll, but as always, if you have any questions or need any help.. you know where I am........ 


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful tutorial, that is how I used to make them with yarn and mops. The sweet furry babies look content.


Joanna said...

You are so talented. Love all the little faces in your post - including the drowsy ones:) Thanks for sharing.

Old Kitty said...

I am with Frankie de tabby and Freya - all agog with AWE!! These dolls are so super cute! Yay! take care

Tweedles -- that's me said...

See what I mean- how do you have time to make these wonderful dolls? Do you ever sleep? They look like so much fun!

WendyCarole said...

Lovely rag dolls. I have made wigs that way too.

Sue said...

I like sassy expression on her face and using denim is wonderful. I once had a dream that about a litter of puppies and one of the pups was denim blue. Ever since I've meant to make a blue denim dog and maybe this summer is the right time.