Sunday, 13 May 2012

That Star called VENUS .... We all know Venus is a planet... don't we.....

This is about as far as our camera goes.
It's Venus. At the moment looking out a window of the cottage to the West, there she is clear and bright... I have to admit she does look like a bright star, we all know the difference between a star and a planet don't we ?
VENUS IS A PLANET..............

It's became a family joke about the star called Venus over the years that we have lived here  in Devon, or at least since the  boat trip around the bay..
Forgive me, I have to relay this story.

One night on a Summer's boat party a few years ago, a woman behind me,trying to impress the whole boat about her knowledge of the night sky..... ( I was closer than most so nearly choked on the drink in my hand, I was probably driving, so my drink on that night was non alcoholic).
Oh, look, there is the star called VENUS ! 
The star, called Venus ?

Maybe better leave it there.... I know Mark is laughing as he reads this because he was there too and overheard the conversation.He probably thought his mum would never tell it........... I have ...... aren't mum's great ?

I've been reminded that no one has seen bears on here for a while...
It's red, white and blue year, so I have been working on it.

Mark and Becca brought me 2 meters of red, white and blue material from Brighton a few weeks. Now how is it that my kids know what I love best............ ?
I'm working on how many things I can make with 2 metres of material.
I work in yards and inches and meters and cms. I'm not clever enough that both my hands can work independently on their own accordingly and both do different things............  Wish they could, but I have been working hard on two metres of material. Hands work when they can !

There would be a time Freya used to close her eye's as I took her photo, she would disappear....WHAT a
Camera Queen she now is !

Freya was invited to an adolescent check up from our vet last Tuesday. She is nearly a year old.
20th May, how can time go by so quickly..?
Our visit to the vet nurse in Totnes didn;t go as well as it should have but we smiled....  delete that... I didn't,
I tried hard. hummmmmm.

I love my other half, not just because he used to visit Battersea dogs home and park his real ambulance in the vet ambulance bay, but he has seen all and knows all... hum... don;t I just love him for it..Never brought a dog home from Battersea though.. I am still waiting..... He still has time...

The only thing the vet nurse couldn't pick us up for on our visit to the surgery in Totnes was the fact that Freya had been spayed and micro chipped.
Other wise according to the vet nurse we the worst ever and  bad dog owners ! 

A bit like that star called Venus .......methinks !

Considering we have both loved and cherished our pets, dogs /cats/rabbits/hamsters/snails(don't ask about the snails) guinea pigs.... what ever comes along in wild life for a very, very long time (not telling you, cos it will tell you how old we both are)... 
I  forget to mention hedgehogs, rats, pigeons, birds of all descriptions... any stray mouse (FRANKIE DE TABBY'S)

There are times when I really admire my blogger friends and the work they do, LISA your my star .......

Lisa is a vet nurse.. I promise I won't add a smilie here. Lisa's blog is so guarded that I can't give anyone a link....TRIED HARD FAILED !
For all my other blogger friend's out there you all have your own special talents.
Most of all, you all, keep me sane ... smilie coming :-) X X X

Freya was out and about n Cornwall yesterday.

Poor pup.........

This photo of Freya Rose Blossom is the best yet I have ever seen.

It reminds me of other Al Freskie days,

Freya is different from Ames. Just as it should be...
I read a while ago that at one time there were only 7 Cavaliers left and the ones we see today are all descended from them... Freya isn't a Cavalier King Charles like Amie,  She is pure Cavalier.. there is a difference...
We just love our dog.. I should have said,   We have cherished all our dogs..
You can find FREYA ROSE BLOSSOM over at her blog the
CATFLAP CAVALIER...  as usual ....
 We have busy weekend ahead, what ever your up to, hope you put your arm around your special four legged friend and know how lucky you feel that your part of their lives............ COS EVERY DAY COUNTS  x x x
For you and for them x x x


Joanna said...

I'm going to make sure I take time to appreciate the star Venus when I look out later. And I will make a wish on a moon while I'm at it. Enjoy your weekend.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Loved your Venus is a star story, your puppy is so adorable and I loved your fabric!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Midge
We look at venus every night and think of you. Its soo bright- like we could touch it! And so amazing you probably feel like you can touch it too.
Its funny because whatever we see in the sky if it is not the moon- then we call it a star- even thought we know it is a planet. And wea re sure there are space people on it.

What is wrong with that crazy vet nurse? She sounds like she has a screw loose to think you are terrible pet owners! She is nuts.
We know that every little animal with a beating heart, has had the best home living at your home!
Freya is sooo beautiful in all her photos! So good to see the happy bears

WoolenSails said...

I noticed it this week too, here it was radiating beams out of it, so was really amazing to see. And why are you bad pet owners? Not someone I would want to see again, sounds like a jerk.


Sue said...

I made a list today and I've had 28 canine companions in my life. That's a lot of sloppy kisses and warm bodies hogging the bed. And with all my dogy experience I declare that you are a wonderful pet person. Anyone can just ask Freya and she'll tell them.

It's cloudy here tonight, no stars or planets visible.

Allie said...

"When you wish upon a planet -" nope, not the same ring. I wonder how many times that lady wished up the wrong star, lol. Oh Midge, you're doing wonders with that 2 meters, love the fancied up bears!

Methinks that nurse was having a very bad day, to accuse you like that - you're the BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD to your fur babies - for pity's sake I'd like to give her a piece of my mind. Sounds like she could use it. Freya is just gorgeous and healthy and you can tell by looking at her that she's as happy as a dog can be, and that's pretty happy!!!

Caroline B said...

Well, it's blatantly obvious that Freya is wasting away and has the most awful life, shut in all the time.....silly woman, why are some people such jobsworths? We all envy Freya's life, so I wouldn't take much notice of a grumpy vet's nurse!

Venus is a star, eh? Weren't you tempted just a little bit to correct her in front of the people she was 'impressing'?

Old Kitty said...

Of course Venus is a star when it wants to be! It's shiny and sparkly and twinkles in the night sky! Yay! LOL!

Awww big hugs to Freya! Why on earth did the nurse mark you down as bad owners?!?! Awwwwww - I'm sorry! I'd always get upset when I brought in my previous kitties - the vets - rather than the nurses - would always presume they were strays I'd just picked up that day and were most taken aback when I told them they were 17 going on to 18 and that I'd had them since they were kittens. Oh dear!

Take care

Sue Doran said...

Moved around a bit in recent years and so been to quite a few new vet surgeries in 17 years of dog ownership but we always end up going back to our old fashioned one which is quite a long drive from where we are now but I don't trust anyone else. The vet's assistants now wear nurse uniforms and have really jumped up attitudes, they seem to think they're just one step away from being a vet themselves. I got very upset myself once at one of those people and so I know how you feel.

Poor old Freya, I think I will have to come and rescue her from you awful people!

That bear NEEDS a pair of earrings ... ;-)

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Great post Midge! :o)

wow! look at all the union jacks! Bunting? I've just made some for Abi's birthday, using leftovers from quilt making. xx

Sandee said...

What a great post! I love the Venus Star story, thanks for sharing it.
Freya is so cute. I'm happy for all of you that she fit in so well.

kare said...

Well, we think You're a Star...

What planet did you say that woman was from?

i would like that vet person to meet Abby...she only likes people i like & would have not co-operated with an attitude like that. At over 100 girlish pounds you want as much co-operation as you can get;>

Too bad we're way over almost on another...Constellation even!o