Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Charmouth beach in January 2012

Just because it's a dull day, doesn't mean it's an excuse not to get some exercise outside.

The last time we went to Charmouth beach was way back in the Summer last year, a week before we had Freya. We had taken Jake fossil hunting, one of our favourite pastimes. Where better to take our eight year old grandson. Sand, sea and what ever history he could find under his feet. He loves dinosaurs
The Jurassic Coast line stretches as far as your eye can see from this point on the beach. 

It's surprising what has been found along the coastline. Mary Anning was 12 years old when she found an Ichthyosaur with her older brother in 1811.

It's said that she braved storms and landslides for her life time love of fossil hunting.

I'm sure she also stood and viewed Lyme Bay from here. Mary Anning was thought to have inspired the tongue Twister, she sells sea shells by the sea shore.

It's also a great dog walking spot, or in Freya's case swimming spot when she daintily went through what she thought was a paddling pool,  turned out to be a mini swimming pool. Never think your dog can't swim !

On this beach you don't have to hunt for fossils, they are right under your feet.

This might look like a very uninteresting object to you and me.

But to this guy, (Mary Anning of our day), it looks promising.

As he worked he talked, and believe me, we kept him talking. He knew exactly what he was looking for.

Although I think he was getting impatient trying to prise out what ever it was that MIGHT be there.

Fools gold. Iron Pyrites.

Heavier utensils were brought from the bag.


Then given a hard whack with a sledge hammer. Not sure if Mary Anning would have done quite the same thing.

Not to disappoint you. Beach art.The interesting find held nothing that was very interesting to show you..

Art ?
Or maybe someone was getting bored waiting for their other half to whack hard mud. I'm sure there is a word for the layer that the fossils are found in.. I haven't a clue what it is.

Another interesting piece that someone had already broken to look inside.

I post about this beach so many times.
Although we aren't dedicated fossil hunters, we enjoy the scenery. Every time we visit this beach, the cliff face looks different. Eroding tides wash it away, bringing the past of the Jurassic Period of history open to everyone. Especially Jake.  Last year part of the cliff had fallen down, at high tide, the beach was blocked. Now the blocked beach has been washed away by the sea. With it, who knows what fossils from our past.
I'm sure there are so many fossil hunters out there.

We can't all have great finds.

For those that never know what to look for this is the shop right on the beach. Filled with history.

Or you can head for home.

With your finds.
Many thanks to our Mary Anning of 2012 for our fools gold.

If you don't find anything along Charmouth Beach, you will just have to keep digging.

Freya is, as always on her own blog. Catflap Cavalier.


Dolores said...

Fossils are interesting things when you start to think about how old they may be. Lying there in the ground for who knows how long just waiting for someone or some dog to unearth them. Looks like you all had an enjoyable and educational time. No beach time here - it's too cold.

Sue said...

When we went on city water a few years ago, the utility company dug up some huge rocks buried deep in our yard. Two of them now reside in the front yard and they are covered with shells of snails and clams and other sea life. Apparently at some time this area was completely under water.

Victoria said...

That looks like perfect beach weather to me:) How fascinating the fossils are! That dinosaur one is amazing!!!

Looks like your little fur baby had a good time!

Old Kitty said...

Charlie and I would love to pack our bags now, head over with our chisels and hammers and find fools' gold too! How fantastic!! This great big boulder just lying there (laying?) for all the world to see and chop up?!!? How utterly brilliant!!

Aww Freya!! You're the fossil hunter of the family!! And the adventurer! It must have been a cold swim! Yikes! LOL! Lovely to see you enjoying yourself!

Hoorah for Mary Anning! I do hope she did invent this famous tongue twister!! Good for her!!

Thanks for another amazing outing with lovely Freya!

Take care

Faye Henry said...

Your lovely pics gave me a yearning to see the beaches of the Bay of Fundy.. smile..
Loved the rock art..
Freya must have had a good time and you too..
Stay warm dear friend..

Mary Ann Tate said...

That looked a bit cold but probably very healthy:) I love the beach but sadly there is no ocean near me...that is something I miss. Freya looks totally happy.

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful place to visit and great history. I always love to scour the beach when walking, never know when the perfect rock or shell can be found;)


Myra said...

Awesome photos M!! Never a dull moment along the beach!!! LOL...
Thanks for sharing your photos! ;)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your beaches are so gorgeous. We could get carried away and spend days on end- searching among your beaches for treasures- fossils and agates, and listening to the roar of the tides.
Freya- you look soo cold and wet- after you went "wading"
What a wonderful day you all had.
Thank you for sharing- you know we love this!

Caroline B said...

Oh what fun! I spent many happy hours fossil hunting as a child on the Isle of Wight, and have pottered about on the Dorset coast too - we have a selection of ammonites around the house from down that way. More recently we spent hours searching for fossilized sharks' teeth along Highcliff beach with no joy, only to be asked on the way back by a young Frenchman if what he had in his hand was anything worth keeping - he had a fistful of shark's teeth!! Argh!

Brando and Bogart said...

What a great sounding adventure, we love to hike and look for fossils. Thanks for sharing!

WendyCarole said...

Great pictures