Monday, 26 September 2011

The joys of no phone signal, no internet connection

After looking at a map, our destination was only a few miles down the road. No phone signal, no Internet connection, deep in a Devon valley a few miles away from glorious views over Plymouth Sound. Forget the grey sky, the sun was shining when we set out.

It was there somewhere, although there was a lots of talk about falling bits of space debris on Friday.

 If you really need a chill out weekend in late September, maybe this is the place..

 A log cabin in a wooded area near Wembury in South Devon.

 We know a certain pup that loved the whole weekend.

 I'm sure she's ready to do the whole thing again.

Loads of coastal walks.

 Rock pools,

to explore.

 The company of Jason and Karina.

We even found a Devon Long House that has been turned into a pub.

As the pub was called The Mussel, it was only right we sampled a few.

The trouble with days when your enjoying yourself, they are over far too quickly.

If you've ever driven down our back country Devon lanes and wondered why they aren't cut back, they do cut them at the end of the season..If your really lucky, you can get stuck in your car behind one of the hedge cutters while it cuts the hedges.
Long, windy narrow roads that go on for miles without a passing point, all at the speed of walking pace. Now that really is the way to travel down Devon lanes. 

Many thanks to Karina and Jason for inviting us, we had a great time.

Frank was cottage keeper for a few days, a good job of it he made too.

Many thanks for all your thoughtful comments on Soggibottom and Freya's The Cat Flap Cavalier blog.
I don't always have the chance to thank everyone, THANK YOU, we love to read every comment..

Freya has more photo's of her week over at, THE CATFLAP CAVALIER.
 As soon as she's old enough, she'll be answering her own post !


Old Kitty said...

Wow - what a brilliant weekend!! No technology - just stunning nature, good company, a great pub and Freya!! Awwww!!! Beautiful!

Frank - you're a star for looking after the cottage! Yay!

Welcome back! take care

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful place to spend the weekend, looks so relaxing and beautiful.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Isn't it wonderful to just get away from all the hustle and bustle of life! AND to share it with beloved family.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Sue said...

Oh, we'd love to join you on an adventure such as that one. It looks so restful, but with my whole pack along, I'm afraid things are far from restful.

I hope Frank stayed out of trouble while you were gone.

Dolores said...

Freya looked comfy and warm. Glad you got away for a bit.
The two made it safely to Toronto. Tired but that's all.

Caroline B said...

I wish I was Freya, she gets taken to the best places! Glad you had a good weekend.

Sue Doran said...

That's my kind of getaway break, love all the photographs!

Joanna said...

Nice travel pictures. That pub looks like something from Midsomer Murders. I would say it all looks very British, if that's okay:)

Allie said...

That looks like such a dreamy spot - I'd love to come see it!! I hope Frank didn't throw any wild parties...

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your so lucky to have Frank watch over the cottage while you were gone. I am sure he got some cat naps in. I wonder if the rabbits who live under the cottage came visiting while you were gone. Is your carrot patch okay?
What a wonderful weekend! And the sky shot was absolute gorgeous!
We loved all the photos, and it made us lonesome for our own ocean.
Freya looks like she had an awsome time!

Christine said...

What a wonderful getaway weekend! Bet you had lots of fun! Tried to leave a comment on Freya's blog but it won't let me leave her a comment. So Freya I haven't forgotten about you! Muffy and I send you lots of hugs and kisses!

Houseelf said...

What a lovely getaway! I've had days where I'd prefer to be there too- no internet or phone- bliss!

Thanks for sharing- love seafood too.