Thursday, 26 May 2011

White, and Slow Worms. Fast worms.

The weather has been so unkind to some around the world lately.

Here in deepest Devon, the sun is out, along with the bees who are working hard.

This is a palm grown from seed, planted about 12 years ago, now flowering, we don't like the smell much, but bees love it.


We don't share everything with the bees.
This is the best time of year when flowers from our garden start to come inside.

This guy defiantly stays outside. He has beaks to feed like everyone else at this time of year.

Not one of the best close ups of a slow worm. Although they are harmless, I was in a hurry with the camera to put in a bit more distance between us. They aren't slow by the way, they are fast movers.

 Another guy that stays outside.... this is only a baby they do get bigger. There are lots of them in our veggie garden this year. As long as they stay out of my way, I promise you, I stay out of theirs.

We haven't spent all our time outside this week. You might think making a new pin cushion is no big deal.
My old one is over thirty years old. A few Amie Soto Blossom sparkly bits were added to the dog's collar. This is a really cute little pattern that Sew Cindy sent me back in February. It even has instructions......
Trouble is, I think he looks far too good to start sticking pins in him.

Thank you again, for all your good wishes for Amie Soto Blossom lately.
There isn't a get well senario. Amie is an old lady. Age is getting the better of her.

Ames went to see the "oh such a lovely guy" Mr Vet again yesterday. The journey tired her out, so forgive her for not looking at the camera. Car journeys other than to see Mr Vet aren't an option for her anymore. She gets stressed, even if she does sit in her own seat in the car along on her own fluffy blanket and water dish and cookie's on command, oh, almost forgot the most important thing, she has her very own chauffeur. But then you all know that.
She takes her heart pills every morning and every evening. Unfortunately she isn't in a hurry to rush her tea as she used to do.. There's a lot of coaxing going on to get her to eat, unless she has fishies in her tea bowl.  She has had fishies quite often lately.

Even her cookies are left hanging around the cottage,  not wasted as Mew loves Amie's cookies.

For once even Frank helps out.
What Amie leaves in her tea dish Frank will help her out by eating it. 


Allie said...

ACK! I don't like worms! All the fishing I did with my grandfather, and never once baited my own hook.

It's breaking my heart to see Amie slowing down. Bless her....

Sue said...

Very cute little pin cushion, but I'd hate sticking pins in it.

It's so hard to watch them slow down. Morgan can perk up if a squirrel or lizard appears, but the rest of the time you'll find her napping on something soft. Her eyesight and hearing are both dim now and stairs are getting harder to de each day. When I look at her I still see that tiny pouty pup.

My love to Amie.

Ayla said...

ewwww! I'm VERY glad we didn't get to see any slow worms in person!

WoolenSails said...

I am enjoying our wonderful weather, but feel so bad for those who live in tornado areas, those things are scary. Love your new pin cushion, really fun piece.


Victoria said...

Oh my goodness, that is a large worm! When I was in elementary school my friend and I used to go and try to save all the worms in the puddles after it rained.

Is Amie not doing well? Awwwww, I'm sorry to hear that:(

Your flowers are lovely!!!

Christine said...

Oh I'm so glad we don't get slow worms over here! Remember, Patrick must have driven them ALL out - much to my relief!
Love the pin cushion!

Caroline B said...

EEEK! I am terrified of slow worms - they are lizards without legs and they flip up in the air if you surprise them and I run screaming!

Anyway, beautiful flowers in the first picture.
You just have to make sure Amie gets lots of fishies these days and shoo off those greedy cats!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Give Amie a hug from me:)

Faye Henry said...

Hi.. Lovely photos.. Except the worms.. Much needed though they are.. Just not pretty.. smile..

Old Kitty said...

Will you look at your palm?!?!!?WOWZIE!!! Look at your Palm tree!! That's beautiful!! Awww wow!!!

And a slow worm - oh they're lovely - I've never seen any for real and mainly during springwatch but you've got live one there - they are pretty.

Awwww beautiful Amie. Hugs to you Frank and Mew! Take care

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Worms and snakes - eeewwwww!!! Thunder is the snake boy here - he finds all of them and tosses them up in the air like a ball.

Such beautiful flowers you have there, those white roses are gorgeous.

Sweet Amie, tough to get old, Phantom would so agree.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Joanna said...

Love the flower arrangement. Give Amie my love, I'm happy she still enjoys her fishies.

Sue Doran said...

Snuggly cuddle to Amie from me, licks and woofs from Missy.
Lovely pin cushion

Curtains in My Tree said...

The cat pictures makes me think of the cat Leia that I am cat sitting for 12 days while it's family is gone to the coast

I can't let her out to eat worms afraid she will run away


Tweedles -- that's me said...

You have a very interesting worm!
Our looks different than yours, and your snake is huge!
We send you and Ames love


Houseelf said...

Oh wow slow worm! How wonderful! I've only seen one in my life.

Great pincushion. 30 years since your last one- oh Midge you ought to have one in each room! :-)

Good to hear that Amie is holding her own for now. She's a tough old bag with opinions. :-) I know Bungle is learning a lot from her. Every day is a blessing hun.

Janet said...

Worms I can handle--snakes not so much! I wish you could bottle up some of your lovely weather and send it over to me.

Sorry to hear that Ami isn't enjoying her cookies. It's hard to see the ones we love prepare for their new journey.

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