Friday, 20 May 2011

Sleeping under the trees and feeding the birds.

At long last, now I can pay more attention to other things. Seems I am way behind on what has been happening in blog world.
This won't be the best quilt you have ever seen, but its all mine and hand sewn. A project that has kept me busy for months. Sew Cindy might recognize some of the fat quarters that I won on her blog way back at the start of the year. I hope I have put them to good use, as I promised I would.

Another promise was to show you my panda bear. Poor little guy. Falling to bits with holes. His original mohair had started to rot.

I had Tubs from my uncle for my very first Christmas. I can say with a smile on my face he is slightly older than me.
I had kept him in a bear body suit for years in case he fell to bits. Don't think Tubs fooled any one really as there came a time when I had to restore him completely.

As he was my bear, I remembered what he should have looked like. It took me ages to source the right material.  In the end I used black Alpaca and white English mohair. After taking Tubs completely to bits, I then re drew his pattern.
It's always a wonder what I find in bears when opening their back seam.  Tubs was the proud owner of  a tummy that had been been re stuffed with odd material as well as his original wood wool that had completely collapsed. In Tubs case I don't think there was any thing else but to give him a complete make over. He still has his original  rubber face. I remember him having a red tongue, I've left his face just as it is.  Besides I only wanted to restore his mohair. Here he is, my TED... Tubs, ready to be cuddled, slobbered on, cried over, hugged, tugged, battered, left in the sun,  and ready to be stuffed inside a suitcase again when we are off on our travels. He is, as always loved to bits.

Before you ask, Amie and Frank, look nothing like a panda bear.

For the past week Frank has become Amie's new shadow.

Amie felt better today that she helped to top up the bird feeders on the tree beside the stream.

She even ate all her fishies at tea time.

Frank was hoping she might have left some. 

She didn't.....
We have visitors this weekend at the cottage, hope you all have a great weekend.


Niky Sayers said...

Such a beautiful quilt hard to imagine the time that must have gone into hand sewing that! Great job on tubs he looks alot more hugable now!

Caroline B said...

Fabulous quilt - love the colours and the design. Your fingers must be a little bit shredded by now!
You are lucky still having your childhood Ted - my mum decided when I was 14 and out at school to throw out all my cuddlies - argh!
Smug Amie snaffling all the fish!

WoolenSails said...

The quilt is beautiful and looks so nice on the bed.
Poor teddies, but I like the aged look;)
I hope Amy feels better and can enjoy the weekend with mom.


Old Kitty said...

You made that quilt!?!??!?! WOW!!!! It's GORGEOUS!!! Awww well done you!!

Frank and Amie!! Awwww! What a beautiful couple they make!!! Lovely. Love Amie's face pic too - how cute is that doggy?!?!?!

I'm so glad that Tubs is looking as fine as he ever was!! Yay! Take care

Prim n Raggedy said...

What a stunning quilt Midge, well done! Amie has a very sweet little face, and she looks well!
Carole x

Christine said...

You have been very industrious! Your new quilt is beautiful!
Awwww isn't Tubs precious!
Have a lovely weekend!

Dolores said...

Gorgeous job on the quilt and the bear. Say hello to the visitors for me.

Christine said...

The quilt turned out so lovely. I'm so happy you were able to give Tubs a new lease on life; he looks wonderful. Amie and Frank look so sweet together. Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Ames and Frank,, I love seeing your sweet little faces!! Such pals you are together.

Midgie that quilt is fabulous!!
Gorgeous, spectacular...what else can I say.... its so beautiful..

And the bear,,,,, oh my gosh,,, he is amazing...!! And he looks like he feels so good tohave new skin

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Your quilt is amazing - I wish I had such a talent!

I had to smile at those bears. My daughters have their childhood favourite stuffed toys still and neither one (a bear and a puppy) have any fur left either. A sign of a well loved toy!

Allie said...

Midge the quilt is WONDERFUL - so BEAUTIFUL - you did a fantastic job on this! It just begs you to curl up under it. Love the blue background, and all the tree colors. *swoon*

Tubs looks happy now - very much back together and proud of his new fluff! I think it's very cool that you have a childhood panda, I don't have anything from my childhood.

Amie, you little darling - good girl to gobble up your fishies. But poor Frank - well, MAYBE poor Frank - he doesn't look like he's starving, lol! Such pretty babies.

MyCretanlife said...

Your quilt looks lovely and ever so comfy.
Tubs is also looking great bet he feels like a new panda again. I have a black doll that I love and she likes to sit and watch what is going on. Think I was about 5 when I got her.
Enjoy your weekend. I am going to a bazaar tomorrow.

MyCretanlife said...

By the way Lucky sends her love to Aime. Lucky like fish too.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Great work Midge! The quilt is brilliant! Your fingers must be 'smokin'!

Loving the panda in his new outfit!

Have a great weekend! xxx

Faye Henry said...

You are such a smart lady my dear Midge.. The bear is adorable as are those dear animals of yours.
And the quilt.. wow... So much work..
Everything looks nice and green at the cottage.
Enjoy your company.. Nice to hear from you.

Joanna said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilt! Cuddly, cuddly Tubs! You did well with both. I love that you cherish the old stuff, because I do too. I have a stuffed animal, a dog, that both my brother and I loved to pieces when we were rugrats. Unfortunately, one of my dogs tore it open, but I still have it all waiting to be put back together.

Sue Doran said...

You and me both, I am also way behind in bloggerland!

Amazing transformation on the bear, you are very clever.

Gorgeous quilt too, I am hopeless at sewing so very jealous!