Thursday, 17 February 2011


Thanks for every email I've had asking what I am going to do with my win from Cindy a few weeks ago. I promise all is in hand and I'm taking great care with my new project.
Obviously not finished yet.

Chatting on Sunday to Caroline from Uniqart we decided to have a tomato challenge.

For me it's a good idea, it means I take more care than usual with the seeds I plant, and remember to water things instead of giving them the tender care of neglect.

I love to see baskets hanging around the garden during the Summer, I'm not so good at remembering to water them.

Not sure if my tomato plants will look as good as this, but it's worth a go.

Seeds, seed compost, pot, and a warm light window sill. No greenhouse or posh stuff needed to grow a tomato plant. YOU DO NEED TO WATER SOMETIMES THOUGH....

Not intending to cheat, I planted two kinds.
Gardener's delight and yellow Tumbling Tom.
I'll keep you updated as the weeks go by how they are growing (or not).

I'll leave the tomato challenge button so you can travel over to Caroline's blog to keep a beady eye on the one's that Caroline has planted.
You are very welcome to join us, or help with judging when picking time comes around.

It was good to hear about Larry the now ex Battersea dogs and cat home cat.
Larry has the plum job of helping out at No 10 Downing Street. I caught a picture of Larry for you, I was far to slow to catch the other picture of a rat running past the door step.

I'm sure Larry is going to a famous puss.

I was going to offer Frank to help out, as he is very patriotic.
Not sure if any passing head of state would appreciate a rat being forcefully dragged through no 10's cat flap by Frank...................Do they have a cat flap ?


WoolenSails said...

I had a pretty good batch of tomatoes, last year.
Need to redo the soil this year. My son and DIL plant too, but they use products, I do not like products in my garden, lol. Might have to move the garden, my neighbors pine trees are over mine now and not enough light.


Joanna said...

This post is too funny. Are you serious about the rat at 10 Downing St. or are you making a political comment? Is Larry non-partisan? I don't think we have enough cats in the U.S. to care for such a problem. I'll grab your button because it is so cute, but I buy my tomato plants from the local greenhouse and that's not until May, so I guess that's cheating.

Sue said...

My gardening has gone to the dogs. I have too many four footed helpers in the garden. They dig up plants and if one does survive, they eat the fruit. Oh well!

Houseelf said...

I'd pay the Pied Piper to lead a few rats out of Downing Street after what they did to university education in this country.

I've had some good results with Gardener's Delight. Have you seen all the exotic tomatoe seed you can buy these days?

Faye Henry said...

At the end of the summer all you do is count your tomatoes, right?
As for the rat and the cat .... you never cease to amaze

Caroline B said...

Hi Midge,
I've planted my tomato seeds - 3 varieties because I just couldn't resist one called 'Yellow Stuffer' for 99p! I'm warning you, my yellow hanging basket toms last year produced more than we could eat, I ended up making chutney! Consider the gauntlet well and truly thrown down!
PS: Frank would certainly set them alight at No.10!!

Dolores said...

Love the patchwork there. I keep thinking it's too early to think of seeds but I guess I'm not a gardener. Maybe I should start some seedlings...
I'm not fond of rats and thankfully, we don't even have any mice around here - thanks to Digit and Pixel.

Allie said...

Midge - your piecing is so gorgeous - I'm so impressed! Can't wait to see your tomatoes. I can't grow anything. Larry is darling - there aren't enough cats in the U.S. to catch all the rats in office.

Old Kitty said...

Good luck with your tomato plant growing!! I did grow one last year - but never again (they are cherry tomatoes) at it grew so tall it kept keeling over so I had to tether it to a post!! but the tomato fruit was so yummy!!!!

Yay for Larry the gorgeous addition to 10 Downing Street!! Me and Charlie will definitely vote for him!!! :-)

Awww beautiful Frank is so gorgeous - we'd vote for him too!!! Take care

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

The quilt is coming along beautifully - so wish I could do that too. And tomatoes - nothing beats a home grown tomato. But I have had no luck here. Maybe I should try again, but I am sure Ciara would eat the plant before it had a chance to blossom:(

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Myra said...

OOOooo.... some quilty goodness there!!! I'm impressed! Looking good!!! Have I personally seen any quilting on your blog before?...? I don't know!!! Love it!!! 8-)

Sue Doran said...

As I've already said in Caroline's blog, I follow both blogs so I'm remaining neutral but I wish you both good luck and good growing! :-)

I could do with a cat to catch rabbits, they nibble any hardy annual seedlings in open soil down to stubs. Just noticed yesterday nearly all the self-sown honesty has gone! Oh well, back to modules!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You mean you really have planted seeds already? Jeepers.
We buy plants, and they grow tomatoes,,, unsually!