Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Baby stuff and quilting goodies

I haven't been completely idle over the last few weeks.

This is for one of my friends who is having her first grandchild.
Although my knitting tends to be purl one knit one drop one. I also made a boy version, just incase, she could have one of each, TWINS... it has been known.

Strange day today, we have them sometimes at the cottage.
I'm not sure if Frank is waiting for the postman here or waiting for Ginger to appear from the other side of the bridge....

Sometimes when the postman comes, bless him he brings such good things from my friends.

I won a one day giveaway from CINDY about a week ago.

Cindy must have her own carrier pigeon because this arrived very quickly.
Ten fat quarters of heavenly quilting material. As well as so many other goodies, I was amazed how much was in the box. It seemed never ending.
When I post any thing, it is normally stuffed into a cat food box... Cindy has put me to shame, and I have seen the error of my ways.

CINDY has a really beautiful dog, but then I would say that about her dog and not about her wonderful quilting blog..... you can visit HERE .

Other than the great gift from Cindy today,
Frank looks slightly worried here.

This is his fluffy play toy, I really need to get my own feather duster for the cottage cobwebs.

Done the normal supermarket shop.... hum.......

Would have lost the car in the car park if it hadn't have had monkey and the Devon sticker in the windows. I should love it when we change our car.
But it takes me ages to find it in the supermarket car park.
I am still looking for the old one... confused... ?

So pleased to see Monkey. He is swinging from the side window AH BLESS !

If we had a car like this, then I couldn't have made a mistake, this a Ford V8 Pilot.
Not sure, if it's 40's or 50's.
I have to say very classically here, they don't make them like they used too.

Thought you would like to see Tudor Cottage in the village, I wasn't driving, so I tend to snap away merrily in the passenger seat. It was a dull day here today.

There are Catkins out along the back roads from the cottage...
NO !
I'm really surprised. To me, they mean memories of school and the nature table. They don't have nature tables at school anymore, do they ?

Wild snowdrops.

Busy day, at least it was for us, not for Mew.
Have a good week, we are playing with water in the cottage tomorrow.
Well, lets say one of us is.
If we need a boat I will let you know.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That baby set is just so beautiful, hard to find words to describe it. It makes me so wish I could knit. Crochet - yes, but can't knit at all. That baby is going to look lovely.

Cindy said...

Such a beautiful sweater, Midge. Wow - it's GORGEOUS !!!

Thank you for your kind, kind words. You are such a sweet person, it is truly my pleasure to gift you with a little bit of my sewing room.

Looks like the four-legged friends stayed warm and cuddly inside today.

Hugs to you dear lady.

Christine said...

What a lovely baby set Midge. I wish I could knit; but I do crochet. Frank and Mew are such adorable cats. Love the cottage photo!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

I wish I had the patience to knit! That is just lovely. I love the cottage - its just like I imagine an English cottage to look (coming from a city girl).

WoolenSails said...

That baby set is gorgeous, love the the way you did the colors and the trims. Getting out is fun, even if it is for food, lol.


Sue said...

It looks like spring is on the way. Isn't it nice to see the new flowers popping up?

I love that baby sweater. I'm a sucker for ruffles and lace. Will you share the pattern or at least tell where it can be found?

Janet said...

Your knitting is wonderful. I can knit and purl, but I'v never made anything like that. It looks so soft too. I loved all your pictures. Good luck in the water.

Myra said...

The baby knit items are wonderful Midge, and look at those quilting goodies!!! Lucky you! Now I will be waiting to see what you will make with it all... nudge-nudge-wink-wink!!! 8-)

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

You are amazing, Midge! Between the bear making and the knitting,
you are so talented! The baby outfit is just beautiful! I love that thatched roof cottage and you won some wonderful fat quarters, love the colors! I hope you are having a great week!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Allie said...

Midge that baby set is SO precious! I know you knit pretty but this is super special. Congrats on your lovely win from Cindy!
Good idea to have a monkey in your window. I tried to unlock the wrong car today at the Y. In my defense, I had my hood on, couldn't see well - the wind was sending 10degree chills down my neck.

I LOVE THE OLD FORD. Oh how I'd love to have a car like that....solid. Mew looks very cozy, I want to snuggle up with him!

Houseelf said...

Lovely knitting Midge. That will be one well dressed little girl.

OO parcels! They really make me smile for the rest of the day. It's like a hug arriving in the post. :-)

I still have the same thing with our car and we've had it years!

The Tudor house looks so sweet.

Caroline B said...

Hi Midge,
Looks like you have had a busy week. Sorry I've not been in touch but my computer has given up the ghost and I am waiting for a very kind man to resurrect it for me. In the meantime, I am completely cut off....:0(

WendyCarole said...

love the baby clothes.
I don't think they do have nature tables any more. "Not like wot we did" anyway.
No spontaneity in the school day any more no time to look at a bunch of catkins brought in on Monday from a walk at the weekend. The tests might suffer!

MyCretanlife said...

That baby cardi is just so beautiful. Love it. I miss the snowdrops and catkins. Thanks for the photos. Love to all. x

Joanna said...

Oh, that baby set is adorable! The new grandmother will be so happy. Lovely win things.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

you are the busiest little bumble bee that I know. You are an amazing artist. There is nothing that you cannot do. The baby sweater set is so precious. It has got to be the most beautiful that I have ever seen. Oh your friend will love it. You quilt, and cook and take the most beautiful photos.
And you paint with your words.
What lovely gift syou received.
I love it when you snap photos merrily , because that means you care so much for us, that you will share your world.. And we love it, and we love you