Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Panda Bear Nut

At long last another bear.
Made with the mohair that I dyed with onion skins weeks and weeks ago.
The photo doesn't do the dyeing justice, as it is a mixed mottled golden colour.
I still haven't sewn claws and still intend to do a few other things to this bear. But as I dyed the mohair so long ago, maybe I should at least show the results.

I have also given this bear real boot button eyes. REAL BOOT BUTTONS. Not glass ones.
As I love bears to growl or sing, this one has a string pull music box.
It is also hand sewn as with all my bears. The dress material I saw tucked away at the bottom of a huge pile of material at a craft fair. Fell in love with it because of my love of panda's.

Talking of which, here is a panda that I made last year.
It took me weeks of hand stitching on paw pads.
I also used a lace butterfly that I had been given from my friends trip to Venice.

Now the bear has found a home in Oxford.
Before I send her off thought you would like to see her properly in the cottage window.


Anonymous said...

She's amazing! I had been wondering the other day if you had made a bear from the mohair you dyed. If she looks that good in a photo, she must be a real gem in person!

Soggibottom said...

What a nice comment aw thanks.x x x

Tiffany T said...

Wait a second... you made that bear?! BY HAND??!! That's amazing!! When I saw that you finally had a new bear, I thought you saved your money up to add a bear to your beautiful collection. But no! That is a bear you made by hand! Truly amazing...

Soggibottom said...

Er.... I'm a bear maker Tiffany... ha ha..... both of the bears you see are Soggibottom one's. Just don't have as much time as I used too, to make things I want to make.
There is a waiting list for Soggibottom bears now.
Pleased that you visit x x x
Michele (the other one)

Anonymous said...

Midge, you are an artist and a magician and a dedicated trooper for all of your efforts.

If I was a sap I'd say you've given life to many lucky little dearies.

But I'm not going to say that.

Anonymous said...

You just did.....

Yeah thanks Don.... next book?


Tony and Midge
Maybe some photo's to keep you busy!

Sparky said...

Yay! Another one. Sounds like you have put all the extras in! ha ha. Can't wait to see it. Got you some goodies from China here, one in particular you will really love! (not silk i'm afraid) Missing you both xxx

Anonymous said...

Mark, if you look at your blog you will see that someone near Exeter keeps clicking.... everyday....
x x x

Anonymous said...

I love the new bear and the Panda. You do a truly magnificent job. And the dress is so right! Now do you really think you'll have time to finish the bear? Gardening is taking up a lot of your time...!