Thursday, 19 March 2009

Mr Mouse, Kat and another Cat called Frank

Really lucky yesterday to see the amazing suit and head that Raggyrat has made.
Very, talented lady.

Because of all the talk about mice and Frank, thought you might like to see Frankie de tabby . He isn't quite so macho when there is a fox outside.



Anonymous said...

Frank is a big fella!

The dogs and I checked on our wild raspberries this evening, and Buzz, the boy Jack Russell, thought he saw a mouse. In fact, he did, and he ended up catching it without digging.

It was a deer mouse rather than a field mouse. Jackie, the girl Jack, claimed the little crunched body when Buzz spit it out...she is a jealous darling.

Raggy Rat said...

funny you should mention deer mouse don, as that is what this suit is based around!

... shuffles off, back tothe right blog... good pisture michelle, but i think im looking a bit old and tired !

Anonymous said...

your ace....really needed to know that thanks...

Raggy Rat

You look beautiful
Lady with talent....... x
If you really want to see some old dears you need to go to a classic silver 60's night. Even my walking stick couldn't keep up with them.

Anonymous said...

I thought Frank was the more brindled cat! Frank is gorgeous, and would rival our son's cat, Willie, a big long-haired black and white. Willie is not an outdoor cat, and has always been RATHER large. Lately, winter being long and days short, Alex was looking for something to keep him more active. Willie likes the rings that come on gallons of milk jugs. Alex started playing with Willie and with the rings. Soon Willie was batting them all over the kitchen floor. He's loosing weight! That's a good thing, and no mice!