Thursday, 6 November 2008

Blogging cat

He can't really blog of cause, but like all cats he is very nosy.
You never know what Frank has under his paw!


Anonymous said...

Frank looks less like a blogger, and more like your Familiar.

Anonymous said...

that's a good thing, Midge! Frank is a beauty, and he has to be nice to have around...familiar in a nice way.

Anonymous said...

FRANK'S not a BLOGGER he is just
Nosey and likes to see what's going on He's just Spoilt like,
{our AMIE }

Anonymous said...


Black cats, candles, light catchers, healing plants in the garden, window watching teddy bears, crystals, friendly spiders, broom upside down at night, right way up in the morning. Village stocks. I really don't understand why anyone should take me for anything other than I am.
I just sit at night and do my knitting. Other things pass me by, especially the bats that lurk in the roof.

Holiday Maker said...

Frank is not a blogger but he knows to catch the blogger attention. He is a clever cat.