Friday, 28 November 2008

Bearing up ready for Christmas

The three teds above are all made from original material and old time patterns.
With growlers, without growlers.

"special" bears all need a "special" home.

Soggibottom Bears are all around the just need to look...

For everyone who has emailed me and moaned that I haven't put on enough bears........ here you are............. Michele.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your international reach is great.

Now, understand that I am fully respectful with the following suggestion: How about a Jamaican teddy bear? You could label the line, 'Teds in Dreads', (dreadlocks, see?).

Or hibernating bears: Teds in Beds. That surely is a fantastic niche.

Teddy bears that have pill holders (still not kidding): Teds With Meds.

And here is a tricky one, because you'll have to work out the trademark and royalty bit: Ted In Keds.
Here is the link to the Keds site:

Do remember us when you are rich and infamous, won't you?