Sunday, 11 May 2008

Really great, beautiful sunny day down here in the South West of England. The birds are really busy. Back and forward to their bird nests, they make a lot of noise, but it's great. Out of Six , Four of the bird "hutches"......(I also Love RABBITS) have families.... Good.. Great... Bill your heart out. We also have an OTTER and cubs, and water voles, and bats and deer, badgers, hedgehogs, herons, kingfishers, you name it, we have it, If I can catch them on camera, promise you will see them. The huge fox has also been spotted, haven't seen the moorhen lately. ( sure it's around ).
Picture of the resident SOGGIBOTTOM DOG. AMIE. Not really a stray, but she does tend to get around to different bloggspots. ......... Bit of a tart......

Not sure what I should post on here today......... Amie is always a good bet.

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Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed by how real our camera eyes look on project AMIE. Her microchip is learning at an accelerated rate. Soon we will be ready to install the jet propulsion paws.