Saturday, 10 August 2013

Outbreak of Soggibottom Rag Dolls Pet insurance, it pays to look around.

Soggibottom rag dolls are hanging around the cottage at the moment. At least one is off across the pond to America.She just needs to be parceled up.

Another doll went to a new home yesterday.
I had a request to make a doll from a piece of material that had a special meaning. A keepsake doll, so here she is, made from pink material and dressed with every scrap of material that was left.

Freya had her booster jabs yesterday. She enjoys her visits to the vets, especially when she greets and meets her own special vet nurse. She's jabbed up, been clipped and had her yearly check up. The first thing we always ask is to give her a heart check. She is fine. As the weighing scales were insight Freya jumped on to find she was as she should be, not too thin, not too fat.

We also had to renew Freya's pet insurance. Insurance companies can be sneaky. The pet insurance suddenly jumped up another £108 per year.  We called the insurance company and cancelled Freya's insurance as it was in my name and re insured Freya in the Soggibottom Carpenter's name at a cheaper price. Two can play at being sneaky. IT PAYS TO LOOK AROUND and not take it for granted that the quote you are given is a fair price. Same dog, except she is a year older.

Freya has grown into a beautiful, bold, loving and funny little dog.
After saying we would never have another dog after Amie Soto Blossom, we are so pleased we had Freya Rose Blossom.

Freya can be found over at her blog as usual.

You can follow her over to  Catflap Cavalier just here. 
Have a peaceful weekend guys.


Al said...

Freya looks adorable. It's time for our little dog's shots, but he hates the vet.

Joanna said...

I loved reading about Amie, but I would be sad if I had not known Freya. Often I laugh out loud or smile at the posts. She brings joy across the miles.

Dolores said...

She sure is a beauty. I'm glad she likes it at the vet's. Some dogs and cats cringe.

WoolenSails said...

I am glad that Freya got a good health check. I think it is all that walking, keeps her fit and slim, lol.


Jo's World said...

Freya is such a beauty and I am glad her general health is so good.
We are aware of a couple of other dogs of her breed who are not well much of the time. Hard on the parents and the dogs.


Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Caroline B said...

The pink rag doll turned out extremely well - well worth the effort it took!
Freya is looking fit and lovely - glad she lost her puppy fat and is healthy. She obviously behaves better at the vets than Clovis who slinks in like he is about to be beaten and then drags me out at high speed as soon as the bill is paid!

Unknown said...

We had the same problem with ancient Pips insurance. It doubled. So we rang them up cancelled it and re ordered that same insurance with the same company for half the price. Yes by being a new customer we saved half the cost. They are sneaky and awful...the lot of them.
Have a serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Mary Ann Tate said...

Your dolls are adorable:) I'm glad to hear that Freya is in good health and full of bounce.

Molly the Airedale said...

What cute dollies!
We're glad you got a good report from your vet, Freya!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

WendyCarole said...

Love the rag dolls. Insurance is always in rip off in my opinion.

Sue said...

Oh your dollies are so cute. What a talented lady you are. I'm very glad we're friends, maybe some of that talent will rub off on me.

Isn't it wonderful to get a good report from the vet? Glad to hear the little one is nice and healthy.

Floods are something I could definitely do without. I don't know how you managed last year.
Love, Sue

Sue Doran said...

Wow, really love those dolls, I bet the people who commissioned the pink one are absolutely thrilled. You did an amazing job, I couldn't hope to ever sew like that!
Glad Freya enjoys visits to the vet, she's one of the few, I bet they love to see her too!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Those dolls are all adorable! They are more than adorable! Oh they look so happy!

That is crazy about the pet insurance-- your right -- two can play the same game!