Saturday, 20 July 2013

Frogman found under the bridge at Soggibottom.

It's true, there was a guy all dressed up in a suit who went scuttling around under the little Medieval Bridge that we have to cross to get to Soggibottom Cottage.

Things aren't as strange as they seem.
Before the two hundred year cottage beside us was pulled down at the start of February, batmen came down here to check for bats. Bats only like warm places to roost, according to the batmen. As the old cottage had been empty for at least eight years it was unlikely they were there.

The frogman was surveying damage caused by heavy lorries crossing the little bridge.  A new water course had to be built after all the flooding that has been going on around us. Especially because of the new road that is going to skirt our village. New roads tend to mean more water one way or another.

The little bridge is one of the oldest places in the village, for all our efforts to try and protect it, the local football club and cricket club had stronger objections. They mostly play football and cricket at weekends, the lorries only work during the week. There was a plan for the lorries and their heavy loads to skirt the playing field at the back of Soggibottom Cottage. Instead the little medieval bridge that we use to cross the river was chosen for all the heavy loads.
Heaven forbid anyone upset the football club or village cricket club, or the Parish Council... 

The cracks are defiantly beginning to show and not just in our newly cobbed cottage wall.

Being unable to get out of our own gate at times, wears you down after a while.

Cages, fences,

Constant dust and noise. Five months of it so far, Soggibottom often loses the plot on Monday after a two day rest from digging machines.
It helps to escape and leave it all behind during the day so thought you might like to see some of the places we escape to, to save our sanity.

Two Bridges in Dartmoor National Park ,  great place to clean a muddy dog after she has fallen in a muddy lake.

That's an AC Cobra under the tree's if you are a car lover.

It was worth a very large sigh and a closer photo.

Dartmoor is only about 14 miles away from Soggibottom.
I did say we lived right at the bottom of the hill. 

Be warned, there are muddy parts around this lake... ask Freya Rose Blossom.

Tomato photo's especially for Caroline.

Soggibottom really has been out and about slightly more than usual, time is scarce so don't worry that we haven't been blog visiting, we will when everything calms down again.. IN THE MEANTIME. muttley is over at CATFLAP CAVALIER.
Watching what we wonder !

Last photo, we came across three dogs locked in a car this week...
One of us was about to make a call on our mobile phone, the owners came back before the call was made......... We aren't sure how long the dogs had been in the car.

Even though parked under the shade of a tree this is not a kind thing to do to your dog. Please don't leave your dog in a car in hot weather. If you can't take your dog with you, don't go........ or at least leave them at home in the cool..  That's it... Moaning Saturday over.
Have a great weekend :-) X X X


WoolenSails said...

That look like a great place to escape. We are heading up to New Hampshire tomorrow so hoping I can do daily photos, at least on Facebook, but not sure about service with the mountains. I never understood why people take their dog shopping, maybe a ride to a park would make more sense;)


Tweedles -- that's me said...

What beautiful places you have visited! And wonderful places they are to escape you sanity! Dartmoor is such a beautious place!
We don't have any tomatoes yet- not a one.
Do you have to throw food to the frog man?

Heckety said...

I'm learning for myself just how nerve-crumbling constant noise is, so, commiserations. But yours is worse when they are using machinery as there's something quite shattering about the noise of heavy machinery.
I read a novel set around Dartmoor recently so I visited in mind, did you not notice me???
Some car that- you swapped it for yours of course?!?!

Caroline B said...

I've just picked and eaten the first tomatoes from the garden - yay! I knew you'd beat me in the tomato race this year as my poor plants have had to battle against the elements outside, no greenhouse for them! I'm just so pleased to get any at all. Next race, cucumbers from the seeds you sent me, and we do have a couple of baby pumpkins growing on the plant grown from our Boston Halloween pumpkin seeds.

Allie said...

Oh I hate to see all this activity around Soggibottom, and on your bridge. Grrrr. Lovely pics of Dartmoor. And those idiots who left the dogs in the car - good grief!!!! Don't get me started!!!!

Old Kitty said...

Awwww that poor little bridge! :-( I do hope it weathers this particular storm! Poor thing!

Glad you are all able to escape to beautiful and peaceful Dartmoor National Park!

Awwww lovely Freya! Mud is good for your skin - I think! LOL! Take care

Stewey said...

That looks like a beautiful place to visit!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Not being able to get out your drive would be a pain. Are they working on the river to hopefully have less flooding near your home this year?

Wow what a glorious place to go for a walk! Bats.... ewwww don't mention bats around me EEK!