Saturday, 3 November 2012

One month after flooding. BAD DAY in progress. Approach at your own RISK

One month has past since the cottage was flooded.

Not much has changed, except the weather has got colder. So, I can't really give an update on how we are progressing putting the cottage back together again.

Although we do have a new fireplace now. All that's missing is a fire to go into it.

The oak we used is what is known as green Oak, it has yet to dry out. When it starts to dry it cracks slightly and takes on a very bespoke look all of it's own. It will be another six months before we can wax the wood. No stain, just wax polish. You'll note that the fireplace is sitting on top of our concrete floor. The reason why everything is so dusty at the moment. At least we are dry.

Freya has had post during the last few weeks.  Every time something comes through the door from the postman, Freya sits and holds her paw up. Not everything has been for Freya, Frankie de tabby had a hand knitting blanket to sit on from Caroline over at Uniqart.

Caroline also sent some new knitting needles to replace the ones I lost in the flood.

How kind and thoughtful is that ?

Especially as a few days later Caroline and her family were on holiday and near to Hurricane Sandy.

We had a postcard from New York the day that Hurricane Sandy decided to wreak the lives of so many. Allie had been visiting New York a few weeks before. Thanks Allie, it got here. The postcard arrived on a very memorable day for New York.

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and replacements for Freya's new toy box. She hasn't got a new toy box yet, but Santa Paws is coming and it won't be long before the one she lost is replaced.

Freya Rose Blossom is over at the catflap cavalier as usual, along with

Frankie de tabby. Although Frank is beginning to show his age, he really is as big as he looks. Just slightly lighter in weight than he used to be. I'm pleased to say Frank is conducting himself in a very graceful manor considering his best seat is no longer there. Just as well as his food dish is where he can find it. 


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Nothing ever goes quickly when you really need it to do so, but we are glad you are at least making progress. Hope you can light that fire soon.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! You've been busy and done a lot. WOW a toy box ... I need one of those. Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Caroline B said...

Hope the blankie keeps Frank's bum warm on that concrete floor! I made Clovis a red & blue blanket of the same yarn and it's very cosy.
Those poor New Yorkers - we got off lightly in Boston.

WoolenSails said...

I am glad things are starting to get back to normal and hoping that you stay dry for a long time. Is that a real mouse? It is creepy, lol.


Christine said...

Here's hoping you get the fire going soon. The temps have really dropped here too.
Best wishes

Allie said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad're getting more than your share lately. Brrr that beach looks cold. I'm glad the postcard arrived, how funny that it got there the same day as Sandy hit NY. Well, not funny....odd, let's say.

I can't wait to see a fire in your fireplace, and a pic of you sitting cozy on something very comfortable. How very lovely of Caroline, such a sweet friend. I'm sure Frankie appreciates her too.

Al said...

As long as Freya is happy :) Your cat is bigger than my dog. Nice shots!

Sandee said...

I hope the progress continues even though it might be slow at times. You are so fortunate to have a handy man about the house!

Charlene and Storm said...

glad to see your house is come on slowly but surely :)

you should get down to the shop called The Range in Truro. we visited there while in cornwall and found the most fab turquoise padded blankets that zip away into cushions when your not using them. i bought stormy 2 and he loves them!!! they keep you so warm me and dar steal them too and have to share sometimes.

that should keep you warm till you can get your fire lit :D

Charlene and Stormy

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your new fire place is so pretty- and we can just imagine the beauty it will take on- as it ages.
I think Freya will be very patient for her new toy box- and Frank- he looks like a big owl!
Sending love to all!

Remington said...

You have been busy! Love the sign!