Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Daffodil December 20th in devon ENGLAND.

Daffodils in December ?
It is December isn't it ?

I know I should be showing Christmassy scene's, but this is a Christmas scene. It's December 20th 2011 and we have no leaves on the tree's. We do however have a daffodil in the garden.

Also a rose (planted near our apple tree.).

Two Californian poppy blooms,

and beautiful rose hips that snake their way along one side of our garden fence. Who ever said gardens in December could be dull ?

The bad weather unfortunately keeps me away from our garden,
It's too slippery and wet and cold.
Normally at this time of year I am curled up reading.
This is the latest read. A book I should have read a few years ago after we visited Benjamin's zoo. The Zoo is only a few miles away from here, we keep meaning to go back, once we have a dog sitter in place we will.

We tell all our visitors that come to the cottage, the place to visit is Dartmoor Zoological Gardens. Benjamin's Zoo.  After reading Benjamin's book. (I rephrase that, his mum and dad's Zoo) A beautifully written book straight from the heart.
The Book has been made into a film which I believe had it's premier a few weeks ago. I'm not into giving away secrets, you have to read the book or see the film. Here is just a glimpse of the photo's we took the day we visited. Amie had a dog sitter that day.Although she was such a kind soul that nothing ever worried her, she would have happily wandered among the tigers and not bat an eye lid.. Not sure about the wolves.... 

I have already blogged this beautiful bear. To read her story you have to read the book.

The otters.

These guys....

This photo was taken with our old camera, WOW.. so close to a tiger. You need to read the book....

Oscar, another of my favourites for reason's of my own.

Let alone the peacocks.
IF you read the book and IF you see the film. You will have a great read... I have yet to see the film.
Benjamin, your Zoo is brilliant... loved it and loved your book.   Why didn't I read it before ?

We want to visit again, can you please look after Freya Rose Blossom while we wander around ?.
Everyone should have a copy of the book at the entrance of the zoo. Or at least in their Christmas stocking.

Which takes me back to Christmas...
There are so many great little links ref Christmas going around..... Thanks Lynda.... ( pic only no link).

Freya in the meantime has been enjoying herself !
If anyone has any insight to the virus I have that has held me prisoner for about four and a half weeks now... Great ..... please let me know ...


Old Kitty said...

I must read this book and see the film!

Wow - that is one brave brave and very confused daffodil! :-)

Happy Christmas!!!! Take care

WoolenSails said...

I have seen the movie being advertised, now I want to see it since it is near you, lol. I don't do movie theaters, so will have to wait till it comes out on disc.


Mary Ann Tate said...

I can't believe you are still not well:( Go and get some tests done as it could be an infection of some sort. I had one that had all the appearances of stomache flu.

Christine said...

How grand that you should have a few beautiful blooms in December! That sounds like a wonderful book to read; I love anything about animals. Merry Christmas!

Faye Henry said...

Hi my dear Midge.. I so envy you having those lovely blooms this late in the year.. It must be lovely.. Your zoo looks wonderful, too..
Hope you are feeling better soon..
Merry Christmas..

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Midge
Try kicking that sickness out the door! It needs to leave you alone!
We again, enjoyed seeing your awsome photos! And I just know that book is awsome too!
The flowers at Soggibottom are so brave to be hanging around this time of year. WOW!

Joanna said...

How blessed are you to have daffodils and roses blooming at Christma. I would trust my animals with you, for sure.

Allie said...

For pity's sake, FLOWERS IN DECEMBER, lol - all we have is mud! Well they sure are lovely and brighten up the day, don't they? I'd love to get that book, I'll look for it - I saw the previews of the movie, didn't know there was a book!

Hoping you feel better, sweetie, hey virus - get away from my Midge!

Christine said...

Thanks for the recommendation!
And yes we too have daffodils in full bloom!
Merry Christmas to one and all!

Caroline B said...

Just been to the garden centre and marvelled at what is still blooming. Noticed the tips of my daffs coming up in the garden yesterday - I'd rather daffodils than snow, that's for sure!

Sue said...

We live only 2 miles form the zoo and we often stop and wander thru. There's always something interesting to see. Feel better soon.

WendyCarole said...

the weather is srsnge at the moment. I have leaves on my lttle tree but no daffodils.

I want to see the zoo and the film and read the bookj

Houseelf said...

Hia Midge, get well soon or duff your dr up- he doesn't sound on the ball. :-)

I love the sort of zoos where you can get close to the animals without freaking them. It sounds like a great place to visit.

Now as for your garden- I don't know what it is this year- I've got roses out and my flowering currant is in bud! I think we need to HAVE WORDS. :-*