Saturday, 22 October 2011

Port Wrinkle, horse hair and lime plaster walls.

Port Wrinkle is a place name.

I'm sure it looks more inviting during the Summer months..

Even  the small boats in the harbour were out of the water, tucked away for the Winter.

We have been up to other things than walking Freya along the coast this week.
The cottage is having a wall repaired.

A Cob specialist has been hard at work for weeks. Horse hair and lime plaster for the first coat, then a long wait until the second coat was applied. We are on the third coat now and have to wait at least fourteen days for it to dry before a final coat of lime wash will be applied. Living in such a beautiful old cottage has it's advantages, sometimes it's disadvantages as cob cottages have to be looked after properly, using the right tools and building materials. The dry weather isn't going to last for fourteen days, the wall will be fine even when it rains.....  although we will feel happier when the final coat of lime wash goes on.

Mr weatherman forecasts rain tomorrow.

At least the wall is almost finished, this is when it was stripped back a few weeks ago.

The sound of knitting needles clicking away can be heard during the evening. A sure sign that cold weather is around again.

This little flower is an easy make to decorate a dainty cardy. I know not everyone knits, but this is beginners stuff, I can't go wrong.

A pair of gloves.

You know the kind that are half gloves.

 Then turn out to be mitts after all.

We had to say bye bye to an old friend this week. Not to Freya but to our camera. It's still working, it hasn't gone to the great camera shop in the sky, It doesn't pick up views and distance very well, so we have upgraded to a higher pixel camera.All the photo's you have ever seen on Soggibottom's blog have been from a small pink 10.5 pixel camera. Happy snap stuff. Happy snap stuff is fine by us. There is a mix of old and new camera photo's on this post, wonder if you can tell  which one's were taken with our old camera?....

The new camera has a quicker shutter speed, good enough to show you Freya's teeth which are rounding off nicely. She's not picking up everything she comes across as she used to.Visitors are now leaving the cottage with the same amount of fingers that they came in with.

She will however have a good chew at some things when in a playful mood...

NO ONE TOUCHES Frank's tail,

not even Freya.

Freya is now five months old. Doesn't time go fast when your having fun ?

Freya as usual can be found on her own blog  CATFLAP CAVALIER 
Best not to tell her the tide is coming in.....


Janet said...

So interesting to see how you maintain the cottage.What are the walls made of--all stone? How about insulation? I wish you lived closer, so I could come over and learn to knit the "easy stuff". I can knit and purl, but have never tried to make gloves or socks. I think it would be fun. I would even let Freya teeth on me.

Dolores said...

It is always amazing how time does fly. Love the knitting and I'm glad that the house repairs are almost over. Freya and her teeth remind me of little ones and their teething. Some have a rough time of it and others sail right along.

WoolenSails said...

Enjoyed seeing the views, even in the cooler weather is is beautiful. A new camera is fun, still trying to figure out mine.


Old Kitty said...

Awww hope your old camera gets a good rest and big hello to the nice pink one!!

Freya is looking gorgeous as always!! Hello to lovely Frank!!

Your cob wall sounds amazing - good luck with it! Take care

Mary Ann Tate said...

That sweater is so pretty and I love the flower and the little purse...very cute. Freya is growing so fast. She's a lovely colour:)Frank is his handsome self as usual.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Look at that sweet sweater and flower - one of these days I promise myself I WILL learn to knit properly. The results are so much nicer than crocheted ones.

Love all the photos, and we just paid a visit to sweet Freya Rose's blog.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Christine said...

What a beautiful shoreline. Freya is turning into such a beauty. Love all your knitting! I just never seemed to get the hang of knitting; but I do crochet. Those glove/mittens are really nice. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend across the pond! Hugs to everyone!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my gosh ,, did you knit that beautiful sweater? It is so gorgeously beautiful!
That camera sure does a nice job doing a close up of Freya.
We hope the camera makes friends with you, and that it is easy to learn.
Your world is so beautiful.
thank you for always sharing it.
The new cottage wall will be so happy once its all done

Allie said...

That is FASCINATING to me Midge...nothing like that often do the walls need to be done? And why would someone name a place WRINKLE!

Midge...your knitting is amazing...that is not beginner knitting, I've done beginner knitting and it didn't look anything like that. That little red cardy is too darling for words, and I love Tony's new gloves! He looks pretty happy too. Freya is too adorable as always, and Frank is just the pic of Freya digging to China!

WendyCarole said...

I know a certain bear that would love that cardi!

Sue said...

There's a lot going on at your home. I love that little cardigan that you knit. The pattern looks quite familiar. I owe you a nice long email. The last two weeks have been crazy around here and I've been neglecting the blogs. I hope things are going to quiet down for a while.

Doreen said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to Freya and Frankie....first halloween together. If the weather gets any cooler here in Worcestershire we shall soon need about a million sets of the lovely mitten/gloves that you have knitted at soggibottom. :-)

Houseelf said...

Great knitting Midge. That style of glove is so practical. I'm on socks still. The wall is looking good. I heard of a chap who didn't believe he had a cob house so when he was stripping off plaster from a damp bit he kept going until he hit daylight. LOL