Saturday, 12 December 2009


Hi guys,
I have started to get bored with the bear....sorry!

I made him so I can say that. He is ready and waiting for the number that will be picked on the

Wow have you surprised me. All the beautiful blogs I had no idea about.....ABSOLUTELY FABULOUSLY GREAT...... so much for me to read.

For those that don't know me, I don't always read blogs properly (as thoroughly as I should)..
FORGIVE ME.... it gets me into heaps of trouble.....

Never intentionally. x x x

Have to tell you that Tony picked the sprouts from our veggie garden this afternoon.
Maybe not in blogger world, but he has looked after them all year for this very moment.....PICKING TIME........

Not the usual Christmas pic I know, but hey, that's Soggibottom "stuff"..... instead of the Christmas tree, you have sprouts. I've posted Christmas tree's before, but never sprouts.

We do normal Christmas "stuff"..... in case your wondering!

Thank you to everyone who wished me (and the Cottage) a happy birthday...I had a really good day......YES....O.K......and another year older.....but that is only on my birth certificate.
It does say 7 th has a 1 and a 9 in it...and the um 5...and OK ANOTHER 5....
change of subject.

I am well renowned for not winning a thing, no matter what it is that I enter....but I did win a few months ago I won a beautiful bag...from a one of my favorite artist in blog land..................and tonight I have won something else (something being the word here, as I haven't a clue what it is) ..I clicked and wished a happy was me!.........I entered twice....I own up.......didn't mean to, how did I enter twice?....I think I forgot to add something to the first comment............before I tangle myself up any further.....I won for the first comment........and I WAS REALLY PLEASED, even if I don't know what it is! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !

The moral's just as good to receive as to give.
Here is the link to Wendy Carole.....and her "STUFF".

Next year she is going to grow sprouts for Christmas, well..I'm sure she will. Wendy has a beautiful blog.
Thanks Wendy hope I have done you justice for all the times you have left comments on Soggibottom and I haven't really finished posting. Wow this lady is quick. x x x
I edit quite a lot.

Good luck to every one on Tuesday for the Soggibottom Birthday bear give a way, you have left such beautifully inspired comments......they all make me smile, wish I could be the best bear maker in the world....
I'm not, but thanks anyway...........

See you on Tuesday.....You have two days left to enter................ Michele/Midge x x x
Sprout news: There are the sprouts you buy and there are the ones you grow. These have been grown in red South Devon soil, and even I (not really the best sprout lover of the world) love these..... if your kids won't eat them....tip: add a sprinkle of vinegar over them, when I was a kid it was the only way I would eat them.....ALRIGHT....we won't mention which year. x x x


WoolenSails said...

I actually like sprouts, but i have to be in the mood for them. Now I am in the mood for them, lol.


Caroline B said...

I wouldn't really care if I never ate sprouts again, but your big bowl of them is really pretty. Almost (and I stress ALMOST) makes me want to paint some......

WendyCarole said...

I love spprouts and really hopw we are eating some of our own next year.

Yor Christmas decorations look lovely

Thank you for all the nice things you have said. Hope you are not disappointed with the "something"

purplecat said...

I love sprouts! and Ican imagine home grown will taste amazing!!
Glad you are still happy with your bag :)

Midge said...

Hi guys...pleased you like the look of our "sprouts"...they looked so good in the bowl yesterday that I had to snap them. I have never been a great lover, even as a child (always a sprinkle of vinegar). But I have never tasted any like these before. Wish I could share them with you..... x x x

Allie said...

They sure are pretty sprouts! You make me wish I had taste-o-vision on my screen, lol. I LOVE the look of the lights on your lattice outside, that is just beautiful. It looks magical!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I love sprouts. I can't believe you grew them! That's impressive.

Happy holidays!

Dolores said...

I love brussels sprouts! My son Mark and I used to be the only ones that ate them but now, Maili loves them too. She fries them (must be a California thing) but I find that they are too hard for me that way - I prefer mine boiled.
You really did good with your harvest.

Sheila said...

Thanks for stopping in at my blog.. I have put your name in the drawing for the christmas gift wrap.. I love sprouts, smothered in butter.. Yummmmmmmmmmy..