Friday, 8 August 2008

Pink elephants

Tony has just been outside in the garden to take a photo of our grapes , for our friends who wanted to see them. As they live in Kent, it's much easier to e-mail the photo. He said he has just caught the geese flying over on camera. It's getting rather dark now. But you can just make out the "V" of the flying geese.

I've also included the grapes and a plum., we have 3 on the plum tree this year. The tree is on a warning..... the back garden is so small....produce or go....

Anyone know a good recipe for grape jam? We also know someone who has grape vines, and have been promised their crop.

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Anonymous said...

S-- the jam were's the WINE.??
It will give you something to do in your spare time
PS. Did the geese eat the Pumpkin?